Fancy Dress Fever

Today I was packing my items for when I move house and I came across a few of my fancy dress outfits. Fancy dress costumes are something I've always wanted a lot more of, but never really have the opportunity to buy. It seems that it is always my luck that my girls or the society I'm a part of have their fancy dress nights when I'm stuck at work or have alternative plans. I like the fun of trying on fancy dress outfits and spending hours of transforming yourself into someone different for the night. It can be quite liberating walking down the streets wearing a Wonder Woman costume on an evening, even if everyone else thinks you have gone completely mad. Of course, I would only do that if it was a party, not on my own...that would be worrying.

I recently came across the website Fancy Dress Ball which rekindled my love for fancy dress and had me wanting more outfits. With Valentines Day around the corner, maybe a few of you would be wanting to invest in a few outfits? If you're having a romantic night in with the man or even a fancy dress girls night out to forget about romance for the evening.

The site also has a fab new party planner app where you can create, share and plan your perfect fancy dress party. It works in four stages. Firstly, create your event. Whether it's your or someone's birthday, a hen do or might you might just feel like gathering a few friends and having some friends - the occasion is up to you. Secondly create the theme of your event, whether you love James Bond or have a passion for the 60s, you can work with Fancy Dress Fever to express your fancy dress desires. The final two stages are to invite your fun loving friends to your event and make the hardest decision of all, picking your outfit.

Admittedly I quite like the sexy style fancy dress costumes and I'm not one for something that is too eccentric. My favourites from this site has to be Officer Payne Costume as I love jumpsuits and anything that looks a little bit rock’n’roll, the nurse costume just because I've always wanted to own one and the Cougar costume because I have a soft spot for animal print.

At the moment my fancy dress collection isn’t that extensive. I have a Wonder Woman costume that I wore for my first ever pole dance performance and a Little Red riding hood outfit that I wore for Halloween as a duo with my partner – he was my big bad wolf. I suppose right now it’s me wanting to unleash my fun side and what better time to do it than during my last few months of university.

Do you like fancy dress?

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  1. YES! I love fairytales / cartoons so guilty of always going back to Alice in Wonderland! I love the idea of Red Riding Hood x x ps. I've been burning one of the candles you gave me and it's still going strong! Really impressive burn time and the lime smells great :)


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