Neal and Wolf Ritual Duo

Quality haircare has always been something I regard as highly important on my shopping list. I remember starting hairdressing college at the age of 16 and my peers laughed when I said I used own brand conditioner (I still wouldn't rule some of it out). My tutors stressed daily about the importance of having good quality shampoo and conditioner 'it lasts longer' and 'it is better for you hair' they would repeatedly say. I was always told that cheaper shampoos and conditioners are usually diluted and they don't clean your hair as effectively. As I dabbled with more luxury brands I soon realised that they were right about some of the things they were saying. My shampoo did last a lot longer as I only needed a small amount, my hair felt softer and cleaner and I could wash my hair less if I wanted to and this is where my obsession with premium hair care began.

Last year I attended one of the FABB events in Leeds, it was an amazing day and when I came home I noticed that I was given one of the Neal Yard Shine Sprays in my goodie bag. It was the first time I was introduced to the brand and since then, I've become hooked on that shine spray. The newest assets to my Neal Wolf collection is the Rituals Shampoo and conditioner* set. The pair are wonderful to use. They gently scrub into the hair, smell beautiful and leave your locks nice and soft. I admit, I don't know whether my scent buds have been a little bit off, but the Conditioner doesn't smell that initially great, but once it's on and complemented with the shampoo it is wonderful. Neal and Wolf will always remain one of the top brands amongst the top of my haircare hero products and the Rituals shampoo and conditioner are a fabulous purchase for anyone wanting visibly softer hair.

Have you tried the Neal and Wolf Rituals Shampoo and Conditioner?


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  1. I love N&W as a brand! Their heat protectant is easiest the best one I've ever tried, and smells like heaven. I'm yet to try the shampoo and conditioner though, may give it a go.

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes


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