Buy me Gucci, Buy me Prada...

This blog post isn't really about Gucci or Prada, but I love the song Shopaholic by the Wideboys. Shopaholic is what I listen to when I'm feeling a little bit spontaneous and about to head out on a shopping spree. Whilst walking around Harvey Nichols last Saturday, I fell in love with the Burberry coat in the above image. I was like Rebecca Bloomwood with the emerald green scarf in Confessions of a Shopaholic, but unlike her, there was no way with even my credit cards maxed out I could afford this jacket. I stroked the soft leather sleeves and entwined my fingers in the luxurious silver clasps. My gaze stayed aligned with beautiful jacket until I left the department and on the way home, it was all I could talk about. My partner continued to roll his eyes wondering how on earth anyone could find a coat with the same price as second hand family car attractive. I tried to justify my love for high quality clothing, but all I was greeted with was the statement that I could go to Topshop and buy almost the entire womens section for that amount.

One thing that did make me giggle whilst walking around Leeds was that my partner said: "You walk around Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods like it's an art gallery or a museum". I  suppose they are my equivalent of the Tate Modern, I love fashion. Some people like art, staring at old artifacts (which I love doing both), but I also love walking around expensive clothing stores taking note of the precision cuts, the soft fabrics and elusive patterns.

All this talk inspired me to do a 'what if I was rich?' post. What if suddenly I went and bought 100 lottery tickets and suddenly won? What would I buy? Well I know exactly what the first things would be...after a house, a car and a 50ft yacht. I would buy this Burberry leather sleeve duffle coat that I couldn't take my eyes off for a start. I would love to wear this with a pair of leather pants and a pair of tall black heels - preferably those Christian Louboutins I have mentioned.

The second thing I would buy is the Mulberry Small Suffolk handbag. I love the timeless design and it's British heritage. This handbag would go with every outfit I own. 

Makeup is something that I can afford, but right now having lost my job I don't necessarily have the budget to be going out and buying higher end brands. I would do anything for the Naked 3 palette as the colours really sum up my personality and style and the Chanel lipstick is the same one I lost a few months ago. The Chanel lipstick I used to wear nearly every day without fail.

Finally, I don't know a girl who wouldn't buy a pair of Christian Louboutins if she had the money. They are the most prestigious shoe brand out there and every single of CL's designs look timeless, versatile and god damn sexy. That's it, I'm definitely going to be trying my luck at the lotto this weekend and eagerly watching the Euro jackpot results*. Hopefully it will play in my favour.

If you won the lottery, what would you buy?



  1. amazing! i have the naked 3 and its gorgeous xx

    also just letting you know my big beauty giveaway on instagram ends tonight! enter if youd like to at @gypsywardrobe xx

  2. I would probably buy similar things. Chanel purses, makeup, some Louboutins, Burberry.....

  3. Definitely red bottoms! And that jacket might be on the list as well!



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