LuLu Guinness New Collection

Each week I always find myself looking at handbags that I can never really afford and Lulu Guinness has always been my 'bag porn' of the internet.  I love the quirky style, the luscious bright red lip clutches and currently I'm obsessing over the LuLu Guinness new collection which has lots of elegant pastel colours mixed with cream and gold. 

The first handbag on the list is the new 'Small Izzy Satchel'. This so far is the most beautiful Lulu Guinness handbag I've ever seen. The handbag has a beautiful black lip clasp and black and white lined insides.It is made out of soft patent leather and would be a statement piece for any outfit.

Second on my Lulu Guinness wishlist and new collection reveal is the 'Patent Large Amelia'. I love really large shopping bags, especially when they can fit my Macbook in them. This Amelia handbag is not just spacious, it also has one of the top colour trends this season, pastel blue.

If I could buy a purse right now, it would definitely be the 'Stone Leather Large Envelope Purse'. I love how sophisticated the design is and the gold lip clasp. The purse has space for up to 9 cards - so if you're a shopaholic like me it's perfect and it has also large pockets for coins. 

Finally, the 'Patent Large Paula' is perfect for those looking for a classic style handbag made by Lulu Guinness. The bag has plenty of room, a zip across the top and features the classic Lulu Guinness logo. This is the handbag to choose if you are looking for something to take to all types of occasions.

As much as I want to say I'll be buying one of these handbags, it's looking very unlikely at the moment. Today I was shocked by the news that I have been made redundant and lost my job. It's a sad state of affairs, but I couldn't thank my boss and his wife enough for the amount of work and support they have given me the last few months. I may be a little bit penniless for the next few months whilst I get back on my feet, but I'm sure they'll be other opportunities. I have brought this mainly to your attention as I will be accepting more advertising and sponsored posts over the next month or so as I literally have no other form of income and all my student loan has gone on housing. I hope you can understand as soon as I get more money, things will be different.

Which Lulu Guinness handbag would you choose?



  1. is it bad that i haven't heard of this brand before? the blue one is my favourite (most probably because I'm biased and love blue XD). i love the purse!


  2. I love the shape of the amelia. I'd actually prefer it in a neutral colour now but that's an age thing;)

  3. The blue bag and the purse are stunning. :)

  4. These are so lovely! I need that blue bag in my life haha. Such a classic colour! x

  5. Gorgeous bags, the lip detail is so much fun :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  6. Oh that blue one is just stunning, what a lovely colour x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. The top two are my absolute favourites! If only I could justify the purchase of one of them haha! xo

  8. I love the pastel blue, such a pretty shade! :)

    Jess xo

  9. Love these bags !! My mum just bought one .. So jel !
    Thanks for leaving your link on my blog ! I love yours :) I'm following

    Alex ox.

  10. Love Lulu lips bag !! Big fan
    I'm following you here darling as well
    Would be amazing if you can check out my blog and follow back ?
    Thanks Sweetie

  11. come on theres no chance any of us girls will choose just one lol, lets just treat ourselves and have them all , after all , your never going to outgrow a handbag x


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