Sunday Style: Born Pretty Review

Watches have never really been on my highly rated list. I used to think they made wrists look clumpy and that they felt incredibly uncomfortable. As a child my mum always used to buy me watches and I refused to wear them. I think that as you grow into an adult and need to become aware of the time more often, that's when people that hated wearing watches as a child suddenly sees them as a priority. I can't speak for everyone, but that's exactly what happened to me. One day I hated them and didn't care about owning any and the next day I was waking up in the morning thinking I really need to buy one. I remember walking into River Island and picking up this beautiful rose gold watch, an imitation of the Michael Kors ones and thinking I'm in love with it. My partner looked at me as if I had taken something or like I had been replaced by aliens. Even he knew how much I hated watches. A few years on and I'm looking at expanding my watch collection and I'm enjoying looking at the varieties you can buy in store and online. My newest watch is this beautiful creation from the Born Pretty Store.*

The Born Pretty store in a worldwide wholesale company and the inspiration for the store name derives from the proverb "each woman is born pretty." A quote from their About Us page describes the store by saying:" Born Pretty Store is a store intended to provide each ordinary female, whoever they are, wherever they come from, with the latest fashion items of nail art, makeup and outfit, helping them find the best way to dress up, which ultimately push outside their potential of beauty to the fullest." The store specialises in beauty products, accessories and jewellery all at affordable prices.

I love this beautiful bracelet inspired watch because it's comfortable to wear and looks more like a piece of jewellery than a standard watch. The beads add sparkle and the gold chain detailing is beautiful. Ordering from a wholesale site, it is a given that I would have had to wait a while for the shipping, but I feel like the product was definitely worth the wait. Especially when this watch was less than £5. Not only do I like the detailing of this watch, I also love the antique style clock handles as it adds a little retro flair to piece. The watch has button fastening clips and can be adjusted to fit the size of your wrist. When I first ordered this watch for review, I didn't really think it would live up to expectations. After all, I think many of us have ordered an item off a wholesale website and it's turned up looking nothing like the photograph. This watch however, lives up to the description and it's won me over. I'm pretty happy with the new addition to my watch collection.

This quirky little watch is a hidden treasure amongst many other wonderful pieces at the Born Pretty Store. For those who like something a little bit different to add to their style or simply like hauling in affordable jewellery, this shop is definitely for you.

For a fashionable discount at the Born Pretty Store you can use the code Forever10 and get 10% off your purchase.



  1. what a cute watch! that is something youll never see in the uk unless its diy XD


  2. That is a seriously pretty watch! :)

  3. I love how unusual it is and it looks lovely on your wrist! If I don't 'speak' to you before have a lovely Christmas!

  4. I used to be watch crazy years ago... I must have 20+ watches for different occasions... and now? now I hardly wear them... phone replaced my watches :-(

  5. Such a nice watch I like that it's not plain it's got some really nice designs around it


  6. Pretty watch...
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