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The New Year is always full of excitement, wondering where you will be in a year from now and what changes will be coming your way. Next year I've decided to go all out and go for probably the biggest and most stressful year I could possibly have. Although I say that like its going to be a bad thing, next year is seriously going to be one of the most exciting years of my life. The reason why? There's a clue just in the top image. I'm getting married.  Not only am I getting married, but I'm also graduating from uni, moving from the parents house and potentially getting my first ever job all in 2014. For the most part I'm incredibly excited, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly anxious as to how I'm going to juggle it all. Preparing for a wedding is harder than it actually looks, trust me. I remember going into this whole engagement malarky quite naively - "Yes darling, we will have a wonderful wedding and it will be incredibly easy to organise. Don't worry, it won't be anymore added pressure on top of university, how hard can it be?" Well it wasn't until a few months ago that I realised such things as 'favours' and 'save the date' cards existed. I was a complete novice in a world that presumes because you're a woman you should know exactly what goes into a wedding.

A few weeks ago, whilst going on my daily prowl through my Twitter feed I saw a request for bloggers to review Save The Date cards. Realising that there's only 10 months until my wedding and I'm severely behind on my preparation I thought I'd give it a go. I was asked to choose a design from the Paper Themes website and hey presto, they arrived a few days ago in this beautiful box (check me out in my onesie) looking every bit better than I ever expected.

Mine and James' wedding is very much vintage focused. We wanted to do a 1950s theme, but it's become more of an amalgamation of all our favourite decades from the 50s through to the 60s and 70s. Both of us had no clue what we wanted our save the date cards or  our wedding invitations to be like, but when we saw these we knew we had to have them. Paper Themes specialise in vintage wedding stationery, making them the perfect company to make our save the date cards. There's a variety of designs and best of all, they are fabulous quality. The invitations I ordered are not too flimsy, beautifully embossed and more importantly they are the perfect size for a wedding invitation. Paper Themes have been providing happy couples with wedding stationery and invitations for over 100 years and with years of expertise, they know exactly what would make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd. 

Unfortunately I'm unable to invite all my wonderful followers to my wedding, but make sure you save the date as I'll be blogging all the way to the aisle.



  1. They're beautiful. :)
    And yes, there sure is a lot more than the obvious to think about with wedding planning (mine is 12months away), but also, you make it what you want. You don't have to have everything a list/book/website/friend says/had. I nearly didn't have a bridesmaid. We're also not having a evening do as such, no buffet, no DJ, no first dance.


  2. What an exciting time! The save the dates look absolutely gorgeous :)

  3. So exciting :) Congrats! xo's

  4. Oh I had no idea you were engaged! Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your posts on the run up to the big day :) x x

  5. They look beautiful! Congrats and all! Gosh there must be so much to think about, I'd be a nightmare at wedding planning x



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