Ciate Advent Calendar:Day 3

Blogging about my new nail polishes is becoming something I'm really enjoying at the moment. I spring out of bed first thing in the morning and dive at my advent calendar, anticipatingly opening the door and grinning cheekily when out pops one of my favourite colours. Someone commented on my post the other day asking me what I thought of Ciates nail polish quality and my response has stayed the same ever since the day I bought my first Ciate polish - it's fantastic. I'm yet to find a nail polish brand that I love as much as Ciate. Their colours are vibrant, the bottles are so cute and feminine with the little bows and my nails are usually left chip free for quite some time after application. Ciate have been my top nail polish brand for the last year, alongside my other favourite Nail Inc. 

Today's caption is 'Beauty is Whatever Brings You Joy'. I love that statement. There's nothing I love more than to see people happy and when people are at their happiest they look beautiful. It's a strange combination of my fiance, pole dancing and blogging that keeps me at my happiest and none of them I would give ever want to give it. They make me feel beautiful in many different ways.

The nail polish I received today is this wonderful bright orange colour named 'HopScotch'. I love really bright nail polishes and the colours I'm usually drawn to are oranges and pinks. I think this will definitely become of one my most worn colours - just look at that beautiful colour.

Here are the nail polishes I've received so far. I'm trying to resist opening tomorrows early.

What did you get in your advent calendar today?

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