It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Ciate Update

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already, time goes so fast when you're opening advent calendars and preparing for the festive season. This post is going to be a short and sweet update regarding the final doors of my Ciate Advent Calendar. As you'll be reading this post, I'm going to be working in my local bar and then in the evening I'll be spending time with my in-laws and making the most of the time left before my sister-in-law moves country. It's going to be an eventful lead up to New Year. I've already opened a present from my parents since I'm not spending Christmas with them this time and I've been given a beautiful sheepskin rug for my new house to remind me of home. I really can't wait to take photos of it, it's incredibly soft and looks beautiful.

It has been awhile since I updated my Ciate advent calendar so I've received quite a few new polishes since the last post I wrote. I love the variety of colours and all the glitter and sparkles ahead of Christmas. I've already had my nails done for the festive season so unfortunately I can't use these until the New Year.

Behind my remaining doors were:

Caviar Pearls - Ice Queen
Sequin Mistletoe Magic

and some emery boards.

My favourite colours has to Chinchilla and Apple and Custard. Both are quite unique and I'm really excited to see what they look like on. My least favourite is probably the Caviar Pearls, not because of how they look, but due to the fact that it's quite messy applying them.

What have you got behind your final advent door?


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  2. I've received quite a few new polishes since the last post I wrote an essay. I love the variety of colors and all the glitter and sparkles ahead of Christmas.

  3. I already had my nails completed for the festive season so alas, I can not use these for the new year hope so.

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