Versace Bright Crystal Giftset

Sometimes you can be drawn instantly to a product by package alone and today was definitely one of those cases. I didn't care for what was in the box, but out of the corner of my eye whilst shopping in TK Maxx I saw a glimpse wonderful floral box and knew I had to have it. 

This box has Versace written all over it. Floral, highly decorative and above all it stands out from the crowd. Until today I had never come across the Versace Bright Crystal gift set and I can pretty much guarantee if I saw it any earlier I would have bought it months ago.

The Versace Bright Crystal box set is a perfect present for a loved one at Christmas. Not only is the box beautifully designed, but also inside you have two bottles of perfumed body lotion and shower gel, as well as a 50ml bottle of the Versace Bright Crystal perfume. Versace Bright Crystal is a really feminine, sensual floral scented perfumed with base notes of Planter Amber and Musk and top notes of Yuzu and Pomegranate. The majority of my perfume collection is made up of floral scents and I don't know, why it has always been something that I'm drawn to. I put this down to being a really girly girl and unleashing my inner hippie.

As TK Maxx is renowned for it designer discounts, this box was an absolute bargain. The retail of the Versace Crystal 50ml is alone £44.99, but at TK Maxx I was able grab this wonderful gift set for £39.99. I have looked at various other perfume websites and I think this may be one of the older gift sets, however I just love how neatly presented the gift box is and overall I think it would make a lovely asset to anyone's dressing table.

Have you bought anything from TK Maxx lately?


  1. What a beautiful box, love it. What a discount! Never been a fan of TK but will deffo need to go in there soon!

  2. This would make a perfect christmas present!! Such a beautiful box - oh how I love TK Maxx I have found so many gems there :)

    Laura x

  3. this is gorge, TK maxx always have one off amazing things!


  4. I am a sucker for packaging and this is fabulous! I haven't been in TK Maxx for years, will have to go in there sometime and have a nosey! I love the bottle in this set!

  5. I really love that box! All of those colors so bright! *-*
    And the price, omg! I really like your blog! :)


  6. Ooo this lookings amazing. I don't think there's a TK Maxx anywhere near me though :'(

    Louise x

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