Camouflage it!

Camouflage is currently all over the high street, taking a turn from the brass button formal military jackets to frontline uniforms. This autumn and winter sees an array of green and black camouflage gear bracing the clothing rails as well as a variety chunky boots to get you through what could potentially be a cold and snowy season. The military trend is something that I've always looked at on other people and thought it looks edgy and cool, yet I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off. I have an envy over those who can sling on a camo jacket, flick down their long brunette locks and look instantly like a catalogue model, when I wear camouflage gear I look rather frumpy. My favourite part of the army gear type clothing is being able to wear really thick, hard wearing boots like the Magnum boots shown above. When it comes to the winter season, I love being able to wear my walking boots through the snow and it to actually look rather trendy. I've paired up these sturdy pair of Magnum women's boots* with the pencil skirt and top duo from New Look, creating a feminine yet grungy appealing outfit. 

If you don't feel like going too full on camouflage, you can easily incorporate the style into your outfit with a pair of camo print shoes like these from Topshop or you can always team up a pair of basic leather trousers with a camo crop top. There are many ways of introducing camouflage into your wardrobe, without you looking too much like a tomboy - unless that's the look you're personally going for.

What do you think of the Camouflage trend?


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  1. I don;t really wear camo but i do love those shoes!


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