These Boots are Made for Walking

Around the UK there are rumours that the snow is upon us. It was supposed to happen this week in the North West, but we had a lucky escape. This has got me thinking about what outfits i'll be wearing to keep warm this winter and more importantly, the shoes that will keep me safe from the cold, slippery weather.

When it comes to winter shoes I like something that is sturdy and will keep me from slipping on the ice. Falling over in the winter weather is one of my biggest fears since I fell over ice-skating and damaged the cartilage in knee. Since that day my knee has overgone surgery, physio and unfortunately now has arthritis so I will do anything to prevent further injuries. Just because you need to cover up a little bit more and wear winter boots, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to be unfashionable. There are plenty of quirky boots on the market and wellies aren't the boring shade of green they used to be years ago. There are plenty of shoes out there to whet your fashion appetite and one brand in particular, Brantano has a good quite a good selection.

The first outfit I've chosen screams warmth with the snuggly fur top boots from Brantano and the suede coloured Sheepskin waterfall jacket from Topshop. At a pricey £595 for this beauty, it's unlikely that I'll be buying it this winter, but for those who have the money to splash out it looks like a fantastic, versatile piece for your wardrobe. The skinny jeans are yet again from Topshop and they come in a variety of colours. My favourite colour of skinny jeans at the moment has to be the plum red shades that are taking over the high street. They have the ability to look sophisticated and classy and they make a great alternative to the regular black and blue colours.

My next outfit features this wonderful silk blouse from Miss Selfridge, boots yet again from *Brantano and a comfy pair of leggings from New Look. I've got a little bit of an obsession with high calf boots, because if you find a pair that fits properly they can give the illusion of slimmer, taller legs - just like heels. The other two items are from two shops that I spend a considerable amount of time in and I can't get wait to get my hands on those leggings after payday.

What do you think of my outfit wish lists?


  1. Gorgeous outfits! I am absolutely loving that first jacket. Stunning!

  2. Love both outfits. I'd seriously buy all items from both!
    Especially loving the boots in the first.. I can't get enough of fur like winter boots! :)


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