Have a Lush Christmas

During the winter time, there's nothing I love more than a candlelit bath and soaking amongst a wonderfully scented Lush bath bomb. The winter period is the time of year where I become almost addicted to Lush as a nice hot bath does wonders for seasonal aching joints and Lush are great for adding fun to bath time as well as adding moisturise in their bath bombs to aid drying skin. Every year Lush brings out a fabulous section of bath bombs and this year is no exception. There's everything from Snowmen to Santas and a wide variety of other Lush Christmas inspired products. 

Recently I was sent the Lush Snowman bath bomb to review and I thoroughly enjoyed my Lush Snowman experience. The Snowman has a Christmas red scarf and a nose made out of the Carrot bubble bar from a collection last Easter. To help moisturise your skin at the time you need it the most, the Snowman also contains cocoa butter, which gives a creamy soft feeling to the bath water.

I love watching bath bombs fizzle as I get undressed and the Snowman not only smelled beautiful, it gave an array of red, blue and yellow colouring to my bath water that looked as though I was bathing in the remains of an oil painting. Having tried many Lush bath bombs in the past, I have to say that the Snowman is one of my favourites alongside the much loved 'Big Blue'. The Snowman can be purchased from the Lush site for £2.50.

Have you tried the Snowman yet?


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