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As a blogger, it's important that I look out for the latest trends and keep an eye on what other people are wearing so I can bring you fresh content. Sometimes it's hard when you're creating wishlists or browsing the internet to know what to search for. My current saviour is Stylight. Stylight* is an online fashion community where bloggers or budding fashionistas can share their daily outfits and below you'll be shown various links where you can purchase those items. You can heart your favourite products so that you can go back to them on a regular basis whilst you're considering splashing the cash and you can also follow other people to keep a check on their style. This will all be saved onto your unique profile that you can share with friends or social media to express your own, individual style.

Bloggers images taken from the website.
Stylight has millions of users and a downloadable App to keep you inspired on the go. With Stylight linking look books and shops together, it's so easy to see something you like and buy it there and then. The Stylight shop provides effortless browsing of all the top purchased items by the users uploading their styles. Items such as biker boots, leather pants and patent handbags are currently popular in store, as well as slogan t-shirts and patterned trousers.

My favourite picks from the Stylight website was this beautiful Michael Kors handbag. I'm obsessed with everything Michael Kors and I would love this in my personal MK collection. Next is the WildFox 'Love and Ice-cream' tee. This t-shirt is so cute and I could really envision myself wearing it on a regular basis. The baby pink colour is so cute and feminine. Finally I love this Olivia Burton watch. Before Stylight I had never heard of the Olivia Burton brand and now I'm considering buying this watch for Christmas. It's amazing how you can discover brands you have never heard of before at a click of a mouse. Oh the internet is such a wonderful place.

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  1. Think I need to pop and have a look....could be dangerous though as loving that watch :)

  2. Ahhh love that top, so cute!

    Helen X

  3. I think the watch is my fave, it's so subtle and girly :)

  4. That bag is so cute! need!!!

  5. Love the watch, very cute x

  6. I love the MK bag and the T-Shirt, the tshirt is definitely me!!!!

    Kate (UK Bloggers)
    Sephora & Vegas Haul


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