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I will let you all into a little secret, I've always suffered from fine hair and it's the reason why I hide behind a head of fake hair the majority of the time. Every shampoo and conditioner have tried makes my hair look shiny and leaves it feeling soft, but always lacks the volume. My mother has always been the complete opposite. She's always had pretty thick hair and until she had a serious reaction to hair dye, she had the most wonderful hair I'd ever seen - long, thick and glamorous. These days it's easy to add a few hair extensions and give the illusion of volume, but wearing hair extensions all the time can be quite uncomfortable and leave your shredding all over the place. I was approached by John Frieda to try out the 'Luxurious Volume' range and I said yes in less than a heartbeat. I've coloured my hair with John Frieda Foam hair dye  in the past and had excellent results and I also loved the 'Brilliant Brunette' range. Could this range be the answer to my problems? The answer is an almighty yes. One attempt at properly blow drying my hair using all these products has given my roots a complete uplift and left me looking ten times better than before.

The first two products in the range that I'd like to introduce you to  are the shampoo and conditioner. They both have a wonderful scent and cleanse the hair with very little effort. I left the conditioner on for an extra 5 minutes to give my hair a conditioning treatment and I lept out of the bath with my hair feeling softer and revitalised. I quite like the packaging of the John Frieda range simply because it matches my bathroom colour scheme of baby blue and looks pretty sleek. 

The second two products are the 'Blow Dry Lotion and 'Fine to Full' spray. Both these are applied to towel dried hair and used when blow drying. The scent of these products isn't as nice as the shampoo and conditioner on first use, but when your hair is fully dried, it leaves a very pleasant post blow drying scent. 

After using the products I've noticed that not only my hair is more volumized, but it also has helped accentuate my natural waves. I'm now left with hair that looks a little bit closer to my Kate Middleton hair role model, than looking like someone who has got out of bed and not even bothered doing my hair. 

Would I buy the John Frieda volume hair range again? Most definitely. In fact I think i'm converted. The John Frieda volume range starts from as little as £5.

Would you try the new John Frieda collection?



  1. This sounds fab, and I love the colour of the packaging!
    Your hair is looking lovely, it's amazing how much difference the right products can make :)

    Jess xo

  2. I have looked this range few times, but haven't yet bought anything.

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  4. I love the blonde range from John Frieda and think I might give these a go as my hair also lacks volume! Loved this post! Would you like to follow each other? x

  5. Your hair looks lovely! I'm always looking for products to help my natural waves. Sounds great :)

  6. I love John Frieda I usually use his products during the winter (:

  7. Your hair looks great in the photos!My hair is thick but it always lacks volume, I have natural waves but I always end up straightening my hair because while I have a bit of a curl it just sits very flat and looks weird! But I'll definitely try it out can't hurt I have used some John Frieda products before I'll keep an eye out! Thanks for the review :)

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