Zara Autumn Wish list

"Buy me Gucci, buy me Prada, buy me Louis, buy me Zara"
 Wide boys, Shoppaholic.

Zara is usually a hit or miss store with me. One day I'll be splashing the cash, grabbing nearly every item in store and the next I'll go in and see nothing I really fancy. Zara's clothing is more for the edgy, urban woman so sometimes they're outfits are a little bit too flamboyant for more liking, however this season has really grabbed my attention and got my mind thinking about nothing, but Zara clothing.

If I had enough money right now i'd be coming out of Zara with more bags than my arms can hold, but being a student it's impossible to make my dreams a reality. Therefore, I've compiled a little list of items I may be able to afford in the future. Unfortunately I will probably only be able to pick one or two when I next get paid, but some Zara in my wardrobe is better than no Zara.

My wish list is composed of six items that I think will make the perfect Zara capsule wardrobe for the autumn and items that will go hand in hand with each other. The first item on the list is the beautiful leather shopper. Priced at £89.99 it's a little bit on the expensive side, but Zara bags generally make great investment pieces. I'm torn between this bag and the other that I have mentioned in my collage, the leather bag with metal tab. This bag is even more expensive, but has such a classic, long lasting design. It evokes a sense of rock'n'roll and if there's anything type of music that I love, i'm a die hard heavy metal fan.

The third picture in the collage is the Zara coat I've been lusting after since Sunday. This coat has remained in my mind ever since I left Chester and I'm dying to try it on again. The coat fits like a glove, it's really slimline and looks like it would be great for every season. I don't think anyone could go wrong with a classic red coat. Teamed up with the leather motorbike leggings and those red asymmetric kitten heels, I think it would be the perfect outfit to get me through the autumn weather.

Have you shopped at Zara lately?



  1. I can't even go in Zara, I have no self control. Favourite high street shop, great pieces you have picked. Perfect together and alone, think I will have to get these shoes!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I love Zara! I have a huge wishlist for this season! Mostly sweaters and shoes but I like the bags you posted as well!

  3. Loving these picks and zara such amazing pieces they have <3

  4. Love your list :) I always find something in Zara, but then it's too pricey and I'll wait for sale and of course then they don't have my number :(

  5. I love Zara's bags, the shopper bag on your wishlist is gorgeous! Unfortunately there is no Zara near me so I can't get many things as much as I'd really like to buy a bag like that :( x


  6. I love Zara so much, I could buy everything!

  7. Sehr schöne Auswahl. Zara hat immer ganz tolle Sachen.


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