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I've been wearing glasses since primary school after the school nurse rang my mother and said: "this girl is going to be as blind as a bat if you don't take her to the opticians." I remember sulking for ages before I was literally dragged straight into my local opticians for the appointment. My local opticians then looked really dated and somewhere that only grandparents should really shop. As a kid, I was still very style conscious and whilst my friends were getting trendy children's glasses, my mum would pick pairs out that would make me look like an eye sore. My past experiences with purchasing glasses have changed quite a lot since I was young. I now favour designer the majority of the time and if they evoke 'grandma chic' the opticians are definitely not getting my cash. 

With internet shopping in bloom and many stores making wearing glasses a style statement, finding a pair that suits you and makes your life more exciting is easier than ever. Lately there has been a rise in online companies competing against major retailers, offering affordable trendy glasses for a low starting price. Any glasses wearer will know that buying your spectacles can often be a pricey affair, but brands like Firmoo are making sure we save our pennies for what really counts - a brand new wardrobe to accessorise your new look.

Firmoo are an online glasses retailer originally from the USA, but now are a leading global brand. With their competitive pricing and trendy styles the company have won  the prestigious title of 'the world's most popular online glasses retailer' and are now taking the world by storm. The Firmoo store sells a variety of prescription glasses for people looking for a cheaper alternative to high street opticians and if you don't wear glasses, but have always wanted to jump on the trend, you can purchase any of their styles simply for fashion purposes. 

To help you choose your style, Firmoo have a 'trying on' element of their blog, where you can simply upload a picture of yourself and try on lots of frames.

If this doesn't whet your appetite for new glasses, Firmoo also offers a generous deal where you can get your first pair of glasses completely free. Their first free glasses scheme enables you to try out of the brand for only the postage price. The offers are first come, first serve so act quick to get your fashion steal. If you're also feeling lucky, you can always try the Firmoo lucky draw that allows one person each day to win a pair of glasses and free shipping.

When Firmoo approached me about doing a blog review, I was pretty excited. I usually spent around £100 on a pair of glasses and when my prescription needs altering at an inconvenient time, it can leave me rather broke. This happened only a few weeks ago when I started struggling to read driving number plates and needed a quick pair of glasses for my driving lessons. I forked out a ridiculous amount of money and felt pretty miserable afterwards. I admit I'm one of these girls that wears my glasses for 24 hours thinking I look amazing and then they spend the next couple of months residing in a forgotten draw. I'm useless.

These glasses I have been sent are the SD2299 frames. When I purchase glasses, I like to go for the geekier the better. I like to imply that I'm only wearing glasses for a fashion statement and I want something that really stands out. These glasses definitely stand out with their very wide frames and bold design. I love how retro they look and the fact that they surprisingly suit me. The glasses are currently on sale for $26, which is approximately £15 in the UK. That's a massive saving compared to my usual purchases. The quality of the glasses are probably not as fabulous as my expensive designer pair, but they do the job and look great. For someone who is like me who is only a part-time glasses wearer, they're fantastic.

Have you tried Firmoo before?



  1. Sometimes I wish I needed glasses, so I could accessories with all these great companies! lol. #firstworldproblems

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. Wish I would have known about this site a few days ago! Just got some new glasses myself. But those look great on you!


  3. The above collection of branded UK designer glasses is very nice and attractive for me. Before reading or see this blog really I don't know more about this brand but after your post I do some research on this brand. And after short research I understand the popularity of this brand, this post help me to know more about branded designer eyewear.


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