Perfume of the week: Loverdose by Diesel

I'm currently sat in bed feeling rather under the weather, applying my make up and 'spritzing' perfume all around. I love how a touch of perfume can make you feel worth a million dollars and give you an uplift on a really bad day. My day has been eventful to say the least, starting with a trip to the doctors and ending up in hospital for an Xray to try see the root cause of my current back pain. I'm now feeling miserable and sorry for myself, whilst attempting to cheer myself up in the best way I know how. 

Loverdose is one of the most popular female fragrances by Diesel*. The perfume is said to be enthused with molecules that can apparently make you lust worthy to those who can a sneaky sniff as you walk by. The box is bright pink, really attractive to a vibrant teenage culture and the perfume bottle is more Rock'n'Roll than the Rolling Stones...okay, maybe an over exaggeration, but I love it. Who wouldn't love a black and pink heart shaped perfume bottle?

The most coincidental thing to have happened is that I was sent this to review by Lloyds Pharmacy to promote the fact that they are more than a pharmacy and they supple an ample amount of beauty and body products. This is the exact same pharmacy I was picking up with masses of Co-Codomol from this morning and when I saw the parcel box, I thought the chemist had screwed up on my order and sent me extra. Would you think of a pharmacy as the first place to buy beauty products? Admittedly I wouldn't, but this whole experience has totally changed my perception. I'm more inclined to skip into the chemist and sneakily grab a few lipsticks and perfume alongside my birth control pill. Beauty products make women feel better and that's exactly what you need when you're under the weather. Lloyds Pharmacy, you have hit a goldmine.

The perfume smells very floral, yet spicy. It's a mixture of scents that bundle together and always leave you surprised. One minute I can smell vanilla, then a few minutes later the liquorice scent seeps through. It evokes a sense of good girl gone bad, floral meets dark and musky. Great for those that like to play around with their scents. 

Loverdose costs £32.50 from



  1. I haven't smelled this but I love love love that bottle! It is gorgeous.

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