Mining Landscapes Vanessa G

Vanessa G Presents ‘Mining Landscapes'

Vanessa G presents the ‘Mining Landscapes’ collection - three separate ranges that have taken inspiration from nature and mining, combining metal, gems and nature inspired prints to create stunning pieces.

A-line and tailored dresses feature alongside fitted pencil skirts and wide legged jumpsuits. An elegant blazer and skinny fit trousers teamed with a classic silk shirt are a must for a sleek and sophisticated look. The collection is finished with the Vanessa G signature printed trench, outerwear that takes centre stage in any outfit.


 The ‘Mining Landscapes’ collection consists of three striking looks:
Rare Earth: Intrigued by the relationship between mining and nature, this range uses detailed designs to bring Vanessa G’s principle of Art’Outure’ to life. Flora and fauna play a prominent role in depicting the value of raw materials and their ability to enhance the beauty of a sector in a kaleidoscope of colours.

From Creation To Discovery: Emulating the beauty of minerals from their raw form to the final product, Discovery to Creation depicts the earths precious materials and their influence on nature. Timeless and versatile silhouettes are complemented by unique prints and colours to create a picturesque expression.

Chain Reaction: Utilising chains in both their rustic and polished forms, Chain Reaction is symbolic of the processes and links in the mining sector used to extrapolate these precious metals and stones from the earth. Bright colours draw beauty and harmony into consciousness.


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