In Loving Memory

As soon as you begin to think life is going your way, happiness is just around the corner and that the future seems so bright, it's inevitable that something will most likely go wrong. I had been offered a weeks work experience at a top PR company, I was celebrating the fact that I only have two exams left in my second year of university and I was looking forward to my birthday in London. 

Last Sunday evening I had a phone call that shocked my entire system, my beloved auntie, the woman that I happily called my second mother, had suffered and stroke and was admitted to hospital. The last week has seemed like a blur - visiting the intensive care unit, watching her slowly slipping away. On Friday, the day before my birthday we sadly lost her. The woman I highly regarded throughout my life, my entire support system had vanished - apart of me died with her.

I decided to write this post in honour of this remarkable woman and to express how I genuinely feel right now, in the way I do this best - through writing. Many people suffer from heartbreak and loss all the time and I hope sharing my feelings through this difficult time, will show others that they are not alone. Turning a negative into a positive in these situations is always difficult, but most of the time, it's what the person we have lost, will want us to do.

My auntie Janet was a woman that when you met her, it was guaranteed that you wouldn't forget her easily. She was charismatic, loving and cared about everyone. Her time was dedicated to helping the needs of others way before helping herself. She volunteered for the charity Scope, spent much of time sharing pictures from the West Yorkshire Dog Rescue in hope that people would take an interest and she was above all, a very generous friend to the hundreds that knew her.

Me and my Auntie Janet had a very close relationship. Many people would often comment on how alike we are and she understood me more than anyone my life. Having suffered from depression herself,  when I was diagnosed with depression awhile ago, she would devote as much time as possible to cheering me up and trying to make me see the positive sides of life. She always used to tell me: "No matter what happens, you always have me and I love you." 

Unfortunately I don't have her in person anymore, but I know she will be there in spirit. If there's anything I've ever learnt from this wonderful woman, it's to make the most of my life and that I should begin to truly love myself. She was ever so proud of me and maybe it's time to reflect on how far I have become as a person - something which I have my auntie to thank so much for. I loved her in a way that I could never love again. She was my best friend, my support system, my comedian and above all, the closest family member I've ever had. 

Janet will be missed by so many people and this blog post is my own personal memorial to the person that will remain my inspiration in life until the day I can meet her again.



  1. I am so sorry for your loss :( it sounds like you both had the most amazing bond and relationship and she sounds like was such a lovely person xxx

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss , I hope you and your family are doing ok xxx


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