The BooHoo Beehive

BooHoo have recently released their 'how to' beehive tutorial and it's really got me thinking about spring and frolicking around fields listening to 60s music. This is far from the scenario right now, where I'm snuggled up in bed with my hoodie on due to the freezing cold air and snow settling outside. The beehive hairstyle is iconically linked with the 1960s era which saw the fame of one of my favourite models Bridget Bardot. Her beehive became the classic look for all, with many people replicating the look to go shopping on Carnaby street. The beehive is currently back in style spring/summer 2013 and so are the beautiful patterns and fabrics often associated with the 60s. Following the release of the Beehive tutorial, I've decided to put together a few outfits that I think would go perfectly with the beehive hairstyle.  

The inspiration behind these outfits are shopping and cocktails with your friends. 

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Outfit 1

Polka dots are so feminine and chic and they add a little flirty fun to your outfit. This polka dot skater dress has the orange retro colouring of the 1960s and would look fabulous with the cream shoulder bag and  brown vintage-inspired studded booties. This outfit looks easy to wear, yet very stylish for meeting friends and go shopping around the town.

Total outfit price: £55

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The second outfit I've put together is something I'd wear for drinking cocktails with your friends. This outfit includes a glamorous marble print midi skirt- great for adding a little sophistication and glamour without looking over the top, a lace shirt and classy kitten heels to give a vintage vibe

Total outfit price: £45

Here's my earlier attempt of doing a partial beehive. Usually it looks loads better, but unfortunately I had no hairspray and the whole thing flopped just as I grabbed the camera.

What do you think of my outfit choices?



  1. Your hair came out looking so cute :) I love beehives. They always look fabulous. Hair is always important when styling an entire look.

    xo Azu

  2. Great outfit choices and I'm going to pin that bee hive tutorial very useful. You did a good job on yours!
    VOTE Tiffy Next FOX Sports West Girl! xo

  3. I love backcombing my hair, I think its such an elegant style! :) Unforunately its just so damaging! And once I've done it the only way to undo it is to wash it all out!

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  4. I love the second outfit so much!
    I definitely wanna try a beehive look once my hair grows out a bit more!

    lisatakespictures xo

  5. Nice hairstyle. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the hairstyle, It came out really nice :)

  7. What a great idea for a post! we love the polka dot skater dress! great job hun


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