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The Au Natural Look - Still looking a bit poorly hence the blemishes, but on the mend!
The area where I live has been heavily hit by snowfall - the traffic is barely moving, people are looking far from glamorous with snow boots and hoodies and I'm feeling very uninspired in the hair department. Recently I've been tying my hair into a ponytail, grabbing my nearest jumper, which at the moment seems to be my pole dancing hoodie and running the bus stop as quick as I can to avoid the flourishes. This morning I woke up in utter despair as my locks looked dry, my roots were halfway down my head and the realisation that I had let myself go started to kick in. Yes, I've unfortunately been ill lately and the weather has not been the best, but I must try to make an effort, after all it's this face that my partner wakes up to every morning, I should be rolling around in silk pyjamas with my hair perfectly coiffed. 

All these sudden thoughts made me jump out of bed, embrace the snow and run to the nearest Boots. After my mini spree, I returned with a handful of goodies which I'm very eager to try.

The first product is the Got2B - 2 Sexy mousse. I love the bright pink container as it blends with my bedroom and looks very girly. I've been a fan of Got2B products since I tried their hairspray last year and I'm seriously hooked on it.

The next product I purchased was the Wild Ombres kit from L'oreal Paris. I'm finding my hair really bland at the moment and would really like to spice things up a little. I'm hoping that this kit will be easy to use and give my locks a new lease of life. Look out for the review in the next week or so.

Finally, the last item I bought was the Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist from the Lee Stafford range. I used this earlier when I got out of the bath and straightened my hair. The product smells quite refreshing and my hair is now glimmering with shine. Although I've only used it once, I have really noticed the difference between using a heat protector and not using it before. It's been a long time since my TIGI Catwalk heat protector ran out and I probably shouldn't have left it this long to replace it.

Three other products I'm seriously in love with at the moment are all from the Timotei range. I was lucky enough to be sent two samples a few weeks ago and I've been religiously using them since they came in the post. The dry shampoo is really refreshing and perfect for those days when you're in a hurry and need your hair to be looking it's best. I like the simple packaging and that the product isn't too over fragrant. Both of these factors has made my partner take a liking to this product and he happily uses it when he's at my hair and hasn't had a chance to wash his hair before work. The dry shampoo can be purchased for under £2 and I think it's a reasonable price. Unfortunately nothing will make me stray from my Bastiste obsession, but this dry shampoo is definitely close second and a firm winner for my fiance James.

The second product I was sent to review is the 2in1 Timotei Pure Shampoo. I'm happy to report that product really exceeded my expectations. It has managed to revamp my hair and it really does wonders on my sensitive scalp. Having a sensitive scalp runs in my family and my mum has been borrowing this product every other day to use. The shampoo is quick and easy to use and gives an overall glossy look to the hair. I barely have any pitfalls about this product, but one would probably be that I need to purchase a Timotei shampoo that is more catered to my dry hair. The glossy look is perfect, but my ends dry out really quickly. This is perfect for anyone with normal hair and I would recommend it to anyone. The other product in this picture is an older Timotei product that I have been using for quite awhile now. This conditioner really helps revive my hair when it's having a dull moment and it's another conditioner that I would happily rate in my top 10.

I like that all these products have made me embrace my natural side and that my hair is looking in a healthier condition. I can't wait to properly try all the products that I bought today and I hope my dip dying session doesn't end up in a hair disaster.

Have you made any hair care changes recently?


  1. These sound like great hair products. It's good to spoil yourself sometimes!

  2. I seriously need to invest in some hard core hair treatments - my hair has been so dry recently and I massively damaged it attempting to perm it last month, I'm scared to go to the hair dressers in case they a) give me a disgusted look as if to say "your hair belongs in a care home, because you are clearly guilty of gross negligence" or b) they tell me it's beyond repair and they are going to give me a pixie cut!! *insert uncontrolable sobs here*

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  3. I've heard really great things about the Loreal ombre kit ^^ Good luck!


  4. Really love those Items ;-) Wanna follow each other??

  5. Our hair has been a bit liveless lately. Thanks for this post we will definitely be picking some of these up next time we're at the shops!

  6. oh i like it. want to see more :)
    i have changed my hair colour to a little bit of ombre.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  7. hi sweetie..
    love this post!

    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin dear?

  8. have a amazing blog I woul like follow each other on bloglovin and GFC a kiss from


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