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Nail art unfortunately isn't my strong point. As much as I spend hours practicing, within twenty minutes my nails are smudged or looking rather peculiar. Even though my nails look a wreck, I'm always fascinated by other peoples. I love the crazy designs that are out there and different forms of nail polish that are currently on the market.  To learn more about nail art, I thought I'd introduce you to a nail technician named Kiri Louise Hardiman. Her designs are unique, trendy and she has created tutorials for the likes of 'Video Jug' and 'My Daily.' Here's what she had to say when Forevermissvanity caught up with her. 

Name: Kiri Louise Hardiman

Location: Hertfordshire

Are you a qualified nail technician?
Yes I have an NVQ level 2 in 'nail art' and am qualified in 'soak off gel polish'

Where did you learn to do nail art?
It is self taught. I did have to take a nail art course though to get insured...and on the back of that I completed my NVQ Level 2

What sparked your interest in nail art?
I am an artistic person and channeled this through nail art

Where do you get all your ideas?
I get inspiration from everyday things, seasons, fabrics and also other nail art I have seen

Do you have any celebrity influences?
Rihanna, Katie Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Kelly Osbourne

What do you love the most about nail art?
I love that you can be as wacky or as subtle as you like! Any colours, any shape nail, any design you like! And you can change your nail art as regularly as you like!

What has been your favourite piece of work?
My favourite recent piece of work was for a client who was going to South Africa, so on her finger nails I did a mix of tiger, zebra and leopard print, also lion foot prints and the South African flag. Then on her little toes I carried on the leopard and tiger print and on each of her big toes I created sunsets and the silhouttes of an elephant and a giraffe.

What has been your most exciting part of your career?
Recording nail art tutorials for 'Video Jug' and 'My Daily' has been exciting, also I had my own market stall in Watford's indoor market, which was exciting setting it up etc, sadly it didn't work and was better for me to be mobile, but I always say "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Talk us through three of your favourite designs:

I created some 'new years eve' nails which were glitter tipped with a clear base. These were very striking. The glitter I used was holographic and I added some diamantes for extra bling

I like doing random nails. Where the nails are all different designs. This is especially good for a client if they cannot decide on one design!

I also like doing designs with letters on the nails. This way you can really personalise your nails!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the beauty industry?
Be persistent, nothing is going to happen if you sit there and twiddle your thumbs!
Set up a twitter and facebook page for your business, they are great ways of getting your info and pics across, and they are free!

You can check out Kiri's work on Pinterest or Facebook

What do you think of these designs? 


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