Birthday Wishlist

Tonight, it finally dawned on me that my birthday is in 5 weeks and I need to get organised. I shall be celebrating this year in London with my beautiful fiance, where we will be staying in a hotel, going to see Rock of Ages and drinking cocktails all evening in the capital. I'm far too excited and going to London on my actual birthday means I can have my dream shopping spree. In this post, I thought I'd share with you some of the items I'm loving at the moment and my birthday wishlist. The majority of these items listed are things I shall be saving up for until the the trip, however I'm hoping that someone very close will give me a helping hand...hint...hint. (only joking...well maybe)

This year I'm going to be 22. I will be leaving my youth behind me and progressing to the next stage of my life. 21 has been my favourite year and I've experienced so many things I've always dreamt of. It's funny realising that I only have one more birthday after this one and I'll be married. This is my last year as an unmarried woman and I'm planning on doing as much as I can with my partner before we really settle down, start saving for a house deposit and living as husband and wife. 

Back to the shopping list. Here's the items I would currently sell one of my kidneys for:
I'm not usually a scarf person, but lately I seem to be wearing them all the time. I've been a follower of AmeilaWonders Etsy shop for quite awhile and I've always wanted to order this scarf, but every time I remember it, I seem to have little money. I love the bright pink colour of this scarf and the cosmic design. It's vibrant and would make any outfit stand out from the crowd.
Michael Kors has always been one of my top designers and I can't get enough of my beautiful Michael Kors shoes. This Michael Kors watch is elegant, timeless and would look sophisticated with any outfit. I love expensive accessories more than I do expensive clothes. They can really revamp an outfit and they go with everything. I know if I was to get this watch, it would be something that I would wear nearly every day.

  • A Passport
It probably doesn't sound like the most conventional birthday present, but I really need to renew my passport and thanks to my parents, I shall be getting one in a few weeks time. I'm planning to travel to Ireland and Italy this year and hopefully lots more places too. Ideally, I'd like to visit Paris by the end of the year - I love that place.

My next collage of items are things I'm planning on buying myself. I realise that when I turn 22, birthday presents are pretty much out of the window, so I'm going to be spoiling myself. After all, we do deserve a treat on our special day. Here's a few things I plan on treating myself to on my shopping spree:
The 1950s is my favourite decade and all Jones and Jones dresses remind me of 50s icons. The petticoats are full bodied giving you those ultimate curves and they have great dance ability. I love the feminine styles, the colours and they would easily suit any body shape. The dress I want at the moment is the Claire mint dress as it's perfect for the spring and summer and easy to style.
  • Jimmy Choo Flash
In my valentines perfume post, I wrote about how much I would like this perfume and my birthday seems like the perfect opportunity to buy it. I find that all my perfumes relate to a pivotal point in my life and I tend to buy them when something is about to happen. Each of perfume symbolise a part of my personal history and I love the fact that I can relate so easily with the scent. The first Jimmy Choo perfume will always remind me of my friends wedding, Roberto Cavalli is the perfume I wore when I got engaged and Benefit Hooked on Carmella reminds me of my college days. 
  • Pandora London Bus
When my partner bought me my Pandora bracelet, I couldn't wait to fill it with charms. However, I'm trying to only buy them when something important happens in my life. It makes it more personal and each charm will then have a story I could tell my future children or even my friends if they ever ask. London has always been one of my favourite cities and it's the place where I got engaged. Therefore, I shall be popping into Pandora and buying the London bus as a souvenir whilst I'm visiting.
  • MAC Archie Girl Lipstick
This lipstick is more likely to be one of my pre-birthday presents as I'm pretty sure it will be out of stock in the next few weeks. The MAC Archie Girl line is very popular with those who love vintage inspired items or something a little bit kooky. I think the whole range is absolutely adorable and if I could afford it all, I would buy it instantly. However, for now I'd definitely be happy with one of the lipsticks.

So there's my little wish list. I'd easily be happy with just one of those items, but I'm hoping one day to own most of them.

Do you have anything you're lusting after right now?



  1. thats a great watch to have!! i was so close to buying it but settled on another. happy almost birthday!! hope you get it


  2. wow love everything! thanks for the comment on my blog too, followed you back :) Xx x

  3. What a fab wishlist. I turn 22 also on the 25th march. The charms idea is a fab one marking every important milestone :)

    kate @ sparkle dust x

  4. The watch is gorgeous! But hey, it's okay if you get it, you can always enter to my Daniel Wellington giveaway (worth 199dollars)

    Enter my Daniel Wellington giveaway and win a watch of your own choice!

  5. Ahh birthdays are so exciting! I turn 21 in May and am off to London too. You should totally have some outrageously expensive afternoon tea too. I am having my at Berkley House, which is fashion themed! xx

  6. Lovely wishlist. Trust us woman to go all out on our birthdays haha, how exciting:) xx


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