Embrace Those Curves

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Having a big bust can be troublesome at times. When I was bigger, my bra size was a double FF. I looked everywhere for lingerie that would fit properly and make me feel confident, but unfortunately I had to stick with mesh 'grandma' style bras. With lots of focus around Valentines underwear right now, I decided to show you this new brand called 'City Chic'. I know I don't have bigger breasts anymore, but I know how it feels to long for flattering and fitting underwear.

(Image taken from website)

This Valentines day, it's time to embrace your inner curvy diva. City Chic offers clothes and plus size lingerie from size 14 and above. There's a great selection for you to choose from and a wide selection of colours. I love these black hold up knickers and bra. They are simple, yet elegant and hide all the wobbly bits you don't want your date to see. 

*This is a sponsored post and a small fee was given in exchange. All opinions are my own and I picked each item. All money goes into directly benefiting my blog.



  1. love this. being a curvy lady myself, it is important to show off those curves. love this!


  2. Lovely post!
    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo


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