Embrace Those Curves: Part 2

A woman should be able to look good and feel good whatever size she is. Being 'plus size' shouldn't be a negative label, it should be something to embrace. As a former plus size woman ( I lost weight because I was unhealthy rather than being unhappy) I understand how difficult it is to cater for your shape. I made far too many fashion mistakes and my friends are still posting the evidence on Facebook to haunt me. Autograph Fashion has a great variety of women's clothing to suit any figure from a size 14 to 26. 

This little blue dress I chose off the website has a beautiful textured fabric that glides over the lumps and bumps and gives the illusion of a slimmer waistline. Navy blue is a staple colour for S/S13 and perfect for those looking for a vibrant and fun spring. 

Finally team the little blue dress with this glittery rock star cardigan for the ultimate finish. Dressed up or down, you'll look fantastic. 

*This is a sponsored post and a small fee was given in exchange. All opinions are my own and I picked each item. All money goes into directly benefiting my blog.


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