Fraulein 180 colour palette

Let me ask you all a quick question, can a girl really have too much makeup?

This picture is a collage of most of my cosmetics, the collection spans over four deep pink 8 inch deep draws and takes up a great section of my bedroom, but i'm hooked on it all. Every colour is a new exploration, a new bounce of confidence and will hopefully compliment many of my outfits. 

One thing I lacked was eyeshadows. I've always been drawn to bright lips and just wearing mascara, but i wanted to try new colours. I bought this Fraulein Palette from Ebay for about £12 and it has 180 different colours.

The picture above is the natural palette. There's lots of earthy browns, soft beiges and cool pinks to give you a softer, natural makeup look. These are the colours I would probably wear the most, as I like to look as natural as possible most of the time.

Stepping it up a notch is the medium brights palette. Lots of naturally bright colours, perfect for experimentation without going over the top.

Finally, here's the bright colour palette. If you're feeling wild and crazy, fancy going out with the girls or trying something vibrant, there's a little bit of everything in this layer. I find the palette quite pigmented for the price, but I don't think they blend as well as some of higher quality eyeshadows. At the price of £12 for 180 colours, you can't really go wrong - especially if your an amateur or just wanting to discover some new colours.

Here's my olympic inspired makeup look using the palette.

What do you think?

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  1. Awww thats such a cute look, what a bargain palette!!


  2. Wow, bargain for so many colours! Wish I was brave enough to wear bright eyeshadows! Looks great on you.


  3. such lovely make up :)

  4. I don't think a girl can ever have too much! I love what you said - each colour, product, it really is an exploration. That's the fun part of makeup, discovering who we are and how to express ourselves!

  5. the olympic inspiried make up is totallly fun ...

    reese witherspoon? you're not the first one thtat told me that. i still don't think, i look like her - but even my bf told me that ... hahaha. ;)

  6. I'm not sure if a girl can have too much makeup - it's theoretically possible but I'm not sure if we can ever feel like we have enough :p The palette seems like great value for so many colours! :)

  7. J'aime beaucoup ton maquillage!

  8. I love all your make up ^^
    Fraulein 38 is really the best
    New post - Kisses from Paris ♥

  9. WOW *W* Kisses, Alina

  10. Wow I adore this palette, there are so many colours! I love your ees too, looking forward to seeing you use it more! XxxX

  11. wow - that has to be the best palette I have ever seen .... x


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