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I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old and as I've grown older, I've noticed how expensive wearing glasses can be. This can often result in reluctance from people to buy new glasses or even get their eye sight checked. Eye health is incredibly important and the earlier you get them checked, the less strain you are putting yourself through. When 'Select Specs' approached me about doing a blog post saying that they offer cheap prescription glasses from £6, I couldn't say no.

Select Specs are the cheapest prescription glasses in the world at £6 per pair. This is amazing value considering other glasses retailers charge £60 and above. My recent glasses cost me £120 and although I love them, it is a steep price for a student or a family on a budget.

There's many different styles of glasses you can choose from: fashion glasses, geek glasses, cheap ray bans, discount sunglasses and even Gok Wan style glasses - the possibilities are endless. Even if you don't wear glasses and you're looking for a new and exciting accessory, Select Specs can give you glasses with clear lenses.  

I chose the Savannah glasses in black as I thought they looked vintage and quirky - exactly what I look for when selecting glasses.  When buying cheaper glasses, you expect the equation to be price over quality, but these glasses seem very well designed and sturdy. I feel like these glasses are more secure than the glasses I spent lots more money on. 

If you're itching to unleash your inner secretary or wanting to experiment with your style, Select Specs currently has a competition running so that you can win a pair of fabulous designer sunglasses. If you're after a lovely pair of Ray Bans for your summer holiday or looking for some cool police glasses - enter straight away, the competition ends 23/04/2012 at 23.59.

If you live near kent and want to visit the store: UK
37 Station Road

Kent, UK

Or you can buy online with this promo codes

10% off Optical Frames* and Sunglasses - Promo Code: 10shop
When you spend over £15 on optical frames or designer sunglasses

I'm usually so picky when it comes to glasses, but I really love these frames. Which ones will you be choosing?



  1. oh this is wicked! i've recently been bemoaning the fact that my eyesight has gotten worse after spending the past three years chained to books and laptops because of my degree, but i can't afford the combination of an eye test and glasses. i'll be sure to check these out when i'm less of a pauper! i prefer buying online as i find it less of a hassle and don't like to feel pressured.

    you look cute, and congrats on your recent amazing news. xxx

  2. lovely post!
    what a great site!
    they make me want to buy some glasses even though I dont wear them =D
    and £6 is an amazing bargain!


  3. Those are adorable and they suit you so well! I have a really round face so I usually go for more square frames, but I'd love to try something with an edge like this.


  4. LOVE those frames! They look great on you, too. I just got a new pair of glasses this week and they set me back a fair bit of cash, it's really nice to know that there's cheaper alternatives about :) x

  5. I love these! I'm a glasses wearer as well and I'm buying new ones soon, I'm looking to buy ones similar to these! So cute!

    Stephanie xx

  6. I've worn glasses for 23 years so my eye sight is terrible!! I've paid up to £300 for glasses before, they're so expensive it's unreal! I pretty much wear contacts all the time now unless I'm in the house x

  7. Amazing! My glasses are very similar to these from Red or Dead and were in excess of £100! Really tempted to try this company! xxx

  8. i havent found the right pair of glasses yet! but those r cute on u

  9. I have been wearing glasses for 5 years now. And I can confirm - wearing glasses is not a cheap affair. The doctor's appointments I have had by now, the prescriptions, the frames, the lens -- all of it has cost me close to $1400.

  10. Wow! This is such a good deal! It aches when I think about how much money I've spent on glasses, this is a great alternative. And that style suits you nicely!

  11. Cheers for this. Just got myself a pair of Savannah's too, £14 for a pair of prescription glasses! AMAZE.


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