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Sometimes the smallest things can make us happy. I was walking through my town earlier today and for the first time in ages, a young woman smiled at me and it happened to give me a little bit of confidence throughout the day. Similarly, just a few minutes away, I saw an old woman walking down the street holding hands with her partner and it made me smile.

I recently came across a product brand that I hadn't heard of before - Spiezia products. Spiezia use all natural ingredients that are locally sourced from Cornwall. According to Spiezia: "over your lifetime, your skin can come into contact with 75,000 chemicals". So let's backtrack too minutes...just think of how much makeup you have in your draws at home. Do you really know the sources of your product? This aspect had definitely shocked me and got me thinking about the cosmetics I use. Now going back to my introduction to the post, you will think I've gone off track, but I haven't.  What made me smile recently about these products was that I was talking to the Managing Director of this brand and she told me, that due to the products using only natural ingredients, the products can be used by patients that are undergoing chemotherapy, as the ingredients do not harm their treatment. Several of my family members have had cancer and seeing them very poorly, I really can understand how the smallest things can make a huge difference. Being able to have a little pampering session won't make cancer go away, it won't make it any easier, but it can make patients feel better about themselves in a time of need.

Spiezia Body to Body pack £34.95

This little giftset is a lovely introduction to the Spiezia brand, featuring lots of beautiful mini's for him and her. With Valentines day just around the corner, this would be a special gift so that you can enjoy the process of pampering together. Zara Phillips is a known fan of the brand and secret millionaire Deidre Bounds.

This giftset comes with:
    Body Softening Oil
  Rose and Vanilla Face Oil 
 Nourishing Face Balm 
 Facial Cleanser 
Shaving Oil 
 Cotton Cloth 
 Pot Pouri to fragrance the bag

These two products have to be my favourite. As you may have realised lately, I have been obsessed with various types of body oils, so I couldn't wait to try these beauties.  The colourful glass bottles look so elegant and glamorous. They would look fabulous on a dressing table and when I run out, I'll definitely be keeping the bottles. As for the oils themselves, they are really good. They absorb into the skin really well and you only need a tiny amount to make a difference. Being a suffer of dry skin, I found that these products supply the oil that my skin needs. The Rose and Vanilla oil should be changed to 'essence of sweetie shop', it reminds me of them old Rhubarb and custard sweets you could buy from corner shops and I love that scent. The only downside I had when trying these products was that on my first trial, I did use a little too much oil and it made my skin a little greasy, but the second time I tested it, I seemed to have got it right and I was happy with the results.

These are the two little delightful pots of Nourishing face balm and Facial Cleanser. What I loved about these products, was the fact that as soon as you open the lid, you are confronted with the scent of what I assume to be of basil and mint. They remind me very much of cooking with fresh ingredients and they remind me of the fact that they are naturally sourced and that because of the ingredients being so natural, they don't test on animals. I've tried the facial cleanser, but we have to test the face balm. I found the facial cleanser enjoyable, refreshing and it left my skin feeling lovely and smooth. With these products being so small, it's definitely a product I'm willing to carry around with me.

Finally, the set also include a shaving oil. The oil comes in, yet again, another beautifully coloured travel sized bottle, perfect for your man to take on business trips or holidays, leaving him no excuse not to shave. My partner has yet to test this little item, but if it's anything like the other products, I'm sure he will be impressed.

Have you tried any of these products?



  1. Never heard of these either! I must check them out.

    Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway!

  2. They sound like really great products! I hadnt heard of them before!

  3. Sound like they're very good products!

    Andrea in Fashion

  4. I haven't tried any of the products no, but after your little review I might!
    I like your intro. I tried the same thing today. In a traffic light, I was on my bike and the cars good drive right, but they didn't. So i mad I contact with the woman infront, and pointed at the green arrow, she smiled and thanked me and drove off.. I smiled too :)

  5. Sounds nice. :)
    Enjoy them!

    Xoxo, Victoria.


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