2012 Inspiration - Reem Juan

Reem Juan studied at London College of Fashion and launched her label in November 2010. Her designs are classic and timeless, drawing inspiration from the likes of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

With soft feminine colours and beautiful soft tailoring, her designs have that elegant touch that everyone needs in their wardrobe. 

As soon as I saw these images, I was captivated by their elegance and beauty, using beautiful romantic soft colours that I would love in my wardrobe and tailoring to suit the beautiful female silhouette.

It will be awhile until I'm able to afford any of these amazing designs, but I'm happy to draw inspiration for my 2012 wardrobe from them and hope in the future, that I will one day own one of these remarkable pieces of art.

Prices start from £545 and can be purchased on the website, where customers can directly contact the designer.

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. I don't particularly like the way the models have posed for these photographs, in such a static manner, but otherwise the outfits look good.

  2. Love these, so elegant but sort of edgy at the same time...sadly £500+ is way out of my budget (I shall just have to dream, and hope these designs trickle their way down to the high street) like you I think I am going to draw a lot of inspiration from them in 2012! xxx

  3. I can see the Grace Kelly inspiration so clearly, I can imagine her in lots of these outfits! Lovely blog, now following :) x


  4. gorgeous gorgeous and gorgeous!!!

  5. I quite like the quite playsuit at the top of this post. Its all lovely!


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