Costume Jewellery Love Affair

I've always been the type of girl that cares more about handbags than shoes and never really cared too much about accessories...until now. I've never really been attracted to it. Whilst everyone I know has been swooning over Pandora bracelets, I've been checking out handbags and dresses and generally not thinking too much about jewelry. I would wear the odd piece but its never really fascinated me.

The necklace in the above picture changed everything. It's a pearl necklace that my Granddad bought my grandma when she was really young, approximately 70 years ago. It has been about 8 years since my Grandma passed away and my mothers had this necklace in her draw. I was wearing my chiffon top that I will be adding later in the post and I wanted something to dress it up. I slid this necklace on and I realised that I needed more jewelry. Since then, I've gone jewellery mad! It doesn't matter whether your jewelry is £1 or thousands of pounds, if it glams up your outfit, you're onto a winner.

I got these earrings off Ebay (brand new) for £1 and I love them. I also got the broach from Primark and the ring.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the high street:

Have you bought any jewellery recently?



  1. These pieces of jewelry are gorgeous! I've just recently gotten into jewelry too, it really does help an outfit.

  2. Beautiful pieces of jewelry. Love that they are so unique!

  3. Good post! Love the jewelry. Especially the pearls. Reminds me of 1920's fashion when flappers were around and of course it reminds me of Chanel as well. One of my favorite eras of fashion.

  4. I love jewellery more than I do clothes! xxx

  5. Those pearls are amazing! xoxo

  6. love the jewelry.

    im following u,

  7. the pearls are very 20s/30s , beautiful and elegant. I wish I had a fashion airloom like that! Your shirt looks lovely on and I am definitely going to check out your friends blog.



  8. What a gorgeous shirt! I am also in awe of the family heirloom. I adore jewellery but to have something that has been in my family for so many years would be amazing.

    Thanks for entering my give-away. I wish you the best of luck :)

    Mulika x

  9. I love the jewelry!! Great taste..
    xoxo maureen

  10. Wow you look really nice in the Shirt!! Love the Blog!! :) x


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