What's your Dress up Ballad?

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When it comes to getting ready for a night out us women like to look our best, but sometimes we need a little bit of a motivation. Looking our best isn't always easy and sometimes it can take hours of planning when it comes to finding the right outfit. 

Music is a great way of boosting confidence and getting yourself in the mood for the night ahead. Come on, don't deny it - we have all had those days where we have picked up an hairbrush and paraded around in bedrooms in nothing but our underwear singing our favourite tunes. Music gives you the feel good factor and can make you feel sexy - exactly what you're going for when you know all eyes are about to be on you.

Music plays a vital part in fashion. When choosing the music for the runaway, they often pick songs that evoke a certain emotion and one that represents the style of clothing. The same can be said for me when I'm planning a night out. If i'm going to a club that plays rock music and i'll be wearing my leathers, my first thoughts would be to listen to Alice Cooper, but if I'm off to a nightclub in a skimpy dress and heels I would be listening to dance. Whatever mood you're in, there's always a 'dress up ballad' out there for you.

Feeling Feminine
  • Madonna - Papa Don't Preach
  • Madonna - Like a Virgin
  • Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun

Rock Chick Chic
  • Alice Cooper - Poison
  • Poison - Ain't Nothing but a Good Time.
  • Metallica - Whiskey in the Jar

Fanatical about fashion
  • Madonna - Vogue
  • Lady Gaga - Fashion
  • Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
  • Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman

What is your getting dressed ballad?




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