Think Vegans can't eat desserts? Think again!

One of the questions I get asked a lot since going vegan has been 'what do you eat?' It's a perfectly valid question from someone who has not been exposed to a plant-based diet before, but it is a vegans bugbear when it crops up on a weekly basis. The short answer is, what don't I eat? I pretty much eat everything that someone following a meat-based diet would eat, but all the meat and dairy has been substituted for plants. In fact, I'm yet to find one of my favourite omnivore dishes that cannot be 'veganised'. However, desserts can be troublesome.

Vegan versions of traditional dishes such as pies, crumbles, yoghurts and ice-cream are quite easy to find in your standard supermarket, in fact, the majority of them are 'accidentally vegan' without people realising, but creamier desserts such as vegan cheesecakes can be difficult to obtain. One of my favourite desserts before going vegan was GU, I loved their rich indulgent flavours and it was the one craving that I had on a weekly basis (but didn't succumb to), but thankfully now I've found a  vegan, dairy-free replacement that I would say is even better, Freaks of Nature*.

Freaks of Nature's puddings and cheesecakes are free from gluten, dairy, egg and soya and are vegan and vegetarian society approved. Their products are delightfully creamy and indulgent, so much so that you wouldn't even think that they are plant-based.  The range includes a Strawberry Blonde and Choc & Awe cheesecake and a 'Coca Loca' and 'Mango Fandango' pudding, which is deliciously fruity and satisfying. Their products are great for those who suffer from intolerances or who are following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or for those who are actively trying to broaden their plant-based diet.

Today I've teamed up with Freaks of Nature to give one of my followers a selection of the Freaks of Nature desserts. All you need to do is fill out the form below before the 28th February. Good luck! Open to UK residents only, aged 18 and above.

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  1. oops I entered and realized this wasn't for us residents!

  2. THE HEALTHIEST DESERT I EVER HAD! Wow! So, My cousin got this for me and I never knew that a dessert with no gluten, eggs, or soya could taste that delicious. And when my cousin brought it for me I was already stressing about finding the focus transcription writing for my freelancing project, and eating this had calmed me down. I am going to buy a lot of them now – hehe!

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  4. I really enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow this look like a ice cream thanks for posting this and I want to eat this please give me location and keep it up.


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