How to cope with motion sickness

Many of us will have suffered from motion sickness at some point during our childhood, but for a minority of people it extends past their childhood and plays havoc in their daily lives. It can be very hard to pinpoint what exactly causes motion sickness and it can vary from person to person and on different modes of transport. I know several people who get sick on planes and boats, but are fine in cars, whereas I tend to feel queasy in cars and feel fine on boats and planes. I remember being plagued with motion sickness as a child and there was one particular road in North Wales that spiralled up the side of a mountain and halfway up we always had to stop for me to get fresh air or occasionally be sick. I spent most of my weekends in Wales as a child so this was a regular occurrence.

Drawing upon my own motion sickness experience,  I've put together a few tips on how I've been able to combat motion sickness in the past.

Calm yourself down

If you know that you are prone to travel sickness, you can often get yourself quite apprehensive about your journey and anxiety can aggravate your symptoms. Before you leave home, give yourself a pep talk and make sure you're in the best mindset you can be. Prepare any items you may need for the journey ahead and reassure yourself that you are ready.

Allow time for stops

When you are planning out your journey, where possible, allow time for stops so that you are able to get some fresh air or have a bathroom break if you're beginning to feel queasy. This may extend the length of your journey, but it will enable you to set your mind at rest and feel comfortable for the duration of your travels.

Pinpoint your triggers

Everyone has different triggers when it comes to motion sickness, whether it is a particular type of transport or an activity you are doing whilst travelling such as reading, try to pinpoint these so you can potentially take a different route or minimise the amount of time doing the activity that makes you feel sick.

Dose up on ginger

Ginger is known for its natural ability to reduce nausea, so stock up on your favourite type of ginger food whether it is ginger tea, sweets, beer or ginger biscuits. If you don't like the taste of ginger,  you can always opt for ginger capsules that have no aftertaste.

Get acquainted with your pressure points

Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique that is known for its healing powers. The technique involves applying pressure to different trigger points along the body to promote blood circulation. To help ease the symptoms of motion sickness, you can purchase pressure bands that sit on the wrist or apply the wrist area yourself.

If everything fails, medicate

If everything fails, don't be ashamed to seek help as there's lots of treatment available over the counter or from your doctor like this travel sickness medication from Chemist 4 U.

Do you suffer from motion sickness?

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  1. I get motion sickness a lot. All I used to do is get something sweet in my mouth while I drive and it used to do the magic and helped me have a peaceful journey.


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