Five Reasons to Staycation in the UK this Autumn

The weather is getting colder, the leaves getting crisper and the nights darker. It's the time of year that we all tend to go into our hibernation - tucking ourselves under our blankets as soon as we get home from work and spending all weekend in our pyjamas. It is tempting either to not leave the house when there's a chill in the air or book a trip to hotter climates, but for me, the autumn weather is the perfect time for a 'staycation.' In the UK we're blessed with the most beautiful woodland, which masked with auburn tinted leaves is the perfect setting for a romantic escape or maybe a city break is more your style, places like Edinburgh and York with their cobble paths lit by Victorian-style street lamps looks beautiful this time of year. Here are just five reasons why you should embrace an autumnal staycation this year.

Staying close to home

With the latest controversy surrounding flight cancellations, it is more tempting than ever to stay close to home. But staying close to home has other benefits too, it means you can take more trips on a weekend and still be home from work, if the weather turns nasty you can pack your bags and be in your bed within the space of a few hours and if you are blessed with your own transport, you can pack up and go whenever you feel like it.

Ease the symptoms of SAD

The change of the seasons can be quite troublesome for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and bring on symptoms of anxiety, depression and tiredness, to name but a few. Taking small and frequent breaks can be really good for your health and wellbeing and being close to home means that you can do this at your leisure with very little stress. You can simply book a night at a nearby village or city to give you the feeling of an escape or if you feel like travelling further, you can do that too.

Absorb the beautiful scenery

As mentioned previously,  in the UK we have lots of picturesque views. In fact, we have 31 World Heritage sites on our doorstep to explore. It might be chilly outside, but waking up looking over a misty lake or strolling through forest watching the wildlife prepare for their winter hibernation is definitely worth it.

To feast on home comforts

Move over a-la-carte, the autumn is all about home-style comforts. Wholesome pies, plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables and stews and there's no better place to find these than heading to a good old British pub.

Spend time with loved ones

In the summer, most people are going off on their summer holidays or have really busy social lives so the autumn is a great time to regroup your friends and family and spend a little bit more quality time, whether it is cosying up next to a fireplace in the middle of nowhere or going on a long hike. Staycationing means that it is cost-effective and convenient for everyone to meet up.

What do you love about staycationing in the autumn?


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