How to stay fresh on Impromptu Date Nights #challengebodyform

We've all been in the situation where we've been invited out straight after work, whether it's by our best friends, partners or colleagues and we haven't felt our usual, glamorous selves. After working nine to five and leaving work with smudged worn in makeup, frizzy hair from the humidity of the office atmosphere and having that sweaty icky feeling even when you've applied deodorant and perfume all day, who can blame us. If you commute quite far and don't work close to home, there's no opportunity to have a quick shower and say 'meet you later' either. It can sometimes be a difficult situation when you're not at your peak confidence level.

Another thing many women have to contend with after a long hard day is feminine hygiene. Along with periods, feminine hygiene is often a taboo subject - a problem that all of us women have to deal with from time to time, but something that is rarely discussed. After a long day of running around, things 'down there' don't feel as great as the moment we put on our fresh underwear on first thing in a morning, so at times all of us could do with a freshen up, like the way we spritz ourselves with perfume to make us smell fresh as a daisy and give our confidence a boost.  

To give us ladies one less thing to worry about when we're heading out, Bodyform have unveiled their new Bodyform Daily Fresh Liners (£1.65) with ProSkin formula that are breathable, like cotton underwear and are perfectly engineered to care for your intimate skin, whenever, wherever. These liners are for your everyday needs, not just your period and enable you always feel fresh on the go. Body form recently asked me if I wanted to challenge their new liners to see if I could feel the freshness and I decided to wear these on a spontaneous evening out with my friends. Unlike other liners, these are really thin and almost feel invisible when you wear them, like part of your underwear and they felt really comfortable. In terms of freshness, it was great to have that new underwear feeling when I was going out and didn't have time to get changed.

Fancy winning £250? Bodyform are asking people to take the Bodyform challenge and leave their reviews for the chance to win a £250 shopping voucher each month that will give you a fresh new wardrobe.  All you need to do is buy a pack and head over to Challenge Bodyform.

How do you freshen up before an impromptu night out?

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  1. Some great tips as the worst thing during a date or meeting is not smelling fresh! I have to say these body form pads are ace! Sounds like a great challenge for us ladies

    Laura x

  2. The challenge sounds interesting! I usually would turn down an invite during my period as I would be in too much pain anyway haha, but it's nice to feel fresh even sitting at home.

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