Five Reasons to Visit Galway, Ireland

Galway is Irelands fourth biggest city and without a doubt is one of the most picturesque cities Ireland has to offer. It is full to the brim with history and culture and has everything a tourist could wish for - from live street music on every corner, traditional pubs, a plethora of high street and independent stores, five star and michelin star restaurants, as well as a charming harbour and shoreline, lined with colourful buildings. The city has captured the hearts of so many that Galway has been announced as the European Capital of Culture 2020.  Three weeks ago I was finally able to tick Galway off my European bucket list and here's five reasons why you should consider visiting too.

The History

Galway has a history dating back approximately 800 years and evidence of Galways complex history can be found all over the city. There's so much to see from the Spanish Arch dating back to 1584 to the St Nicholas' Collegiate Church which is Irelands largest Medieval Parish Church and much more exhibited in the free to enter Galway City museum.

The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is the heart of Galway, featuring an array of local eateries, bars and independent stores. It is Galway's equivalent of Dublin's Temple bar area - a place that seems very much set up for tourists to experience the Irish way of living, but unlike Temple Bar, the Latin Quarter to me still seems to maintain its authenticity. You can tell it is a place where tourists and locals alike love to visit and there's so much to discover in such a small area.

The Atlantic Coast and Galway Harbour

Walk only five minutes outside Galway city centre and you will be greeted by a picturesque harbour that eventually leads to the gateway to the Atlantic coast.  Galway's harbour dates back to the 10th Century and has a strong maritime history. The little beaches that pave the way to the Atlantic, making it's way outside the harbour provide a tranquil way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre and on a hot day, the water is perfect for a little paddle as the majority of it is sheltered by the land.

Claddagh rings

The traditional Irish Claddagh ring originates from Galway and is known as being the symbol of love. The name derives from a small fishing village in Galway named Claddagh and it was the birthplace of the Claddagh ring over 400 years ago. These days you will see Claddagh rings sold all over Ireland, but Galway is the best place to purchase one that is authentic and of high quality. Claddagh rings are so highly celebrated in Galway that they have their own Claddagh ring museum, showing the history of the rings over the decades.

Shopping and buildings

One of my favourite parts of visiting Galway was simply walking around the streets and admiring all the architecture and store fronts. Galway has a lot of olde world stores with beautiful signage like this store which sells a variety of antiques and vintage clothing. All the buildings in Galway have so much character that you cannot help, but stop and stare at them all and take lots of photographs. I can't wait to go back again and explore the city even more.

Have you been to Galway before?


  1. What an incredible place! I would love to visit Ireland someday. These pictures are just beautiful.

  2. Although I have not gone there. However seeing the photos, I believe that I will be able to have a perfect time there whenever I will have a trip there.

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