Travel To Paradise - The Best Things To Do In Los Cabos, Mexico

Recently I've been looking at expanding the travel section of my blog, but I'm the first to admit that I haven't been to as many far flung destinations as I would like - especially while I'm currently saving for a mortgage this year. To give you and also myself some travel inspiration, I've enlisted Jo from Wander with Jo to give us a guest post on one of her favourite places to visit in Mexico.

The Best Things To Do In Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is one of my favourite places in all of Mexico to visit and it would be hard not to love, especially with the great weather, water, food, nightlife and the many stunning Los Cabos vacation rentals. This is definitely one of the destinations that you need to know about and for this reason, I thought I would write a post to let in on some of the great things that Los Cabos has to offer.

Lands End (El Arco)

This amazing place is located on the southern end of Cabo San Lucas and features some stunning rock formations that were formed over a long time by the rough winds and sea. Land's End is an absolutely picturesque place to experience the sunset, or sunrise for that matter. The best way to get there is definitely by taking a water taxi from the city and definitely bring a camera if you are making the trek here. If you are wanting to swim, it is recommends that you avoid the Pacific Ocean side of Land's End, which can be rougher and much more dangerous than the other side.

San Jose del Cabo

This resort city is smaller than Cabo San Lucas, but for me personally I like it much more and it is not far from Cabo San Lucas, so travelling between the two is simple. The city strikes a nicer balance between traditional Mexican and modern resorts, which I absolutely love. San Jose is definitely more relaxed and has much less of a party atmosphere. There is still a lot to do here like relaxing at the main square, or Plaza Mijares as it known to the locals. The beaches here are also something of a highlight with Playa Palmilla and Playa Santa Maria nearby. These beaches offer perfect waters for swimming and snorkelling. If you like golf too, the Palmilla Golf Club is definitely the place to visit with three nine hole courses of its own.

Playa del Amor

The name of this beach literally translates to 'lover's beach' and is actually not far from Land's End. This is perhaps one of the most famous beaches in this part of Mexico and is one of the best beaches that I have had the opportunity to visit. The beach is well known for its romantic atmosphere, especially because it is so authentic and much more intimate than many of the crowded beaches that lie in the area. The beach offers waves, white sand and is also framed by stunning rock formations. A must visit when you are in the area and it is also a great idea to with that special someone. This is the ultimate picnic destination, so don't forget to pack some amazing food and drinks and soak it all in.

Chileno Beach

This great beach is a relaxing place and is located 9 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas. The calm, clear and shallow waters make this the perfect spot for snorkeling and seeing many species of colourful tropical fish. Frolicking in the water or paddle boarding is also a great way to enjoy this stunning beach. This beach that is so popular, but lacks the huge number of bars and restaurants (in a good way)  provides a much more laid back and relaxing atmosphere in comparison to many other beaches in the area. Despite this relaxing atmosphere it has become popular and it is best to get there before 10am to ensure you get the perfect place to sit and relax. If this sounds like it is your ideal beach, I would recommend adding this to your bucket list.

Iglesia de San Lucas

Los Cabos isn't just beaches (although they are stunning), there are other things here to experience and Inglesia de San Lucas is one of them. This is the main church in Cabo San Lucas and a great way to experience the architecture in the local area. The church was actually constructed by Spanish missionaries in the 1700s and is next to a beautiful old plaza that is home to restaurants and shops. The architecture has been well preserved and is a very fine example of buildings from this period of time. Mass is conducted on a Saturday evenings and also on Sundays at noon if you are interested in attending.

Play golf

I already touched on playing golf above, but Los Cabos in general is a great place to play golf. There are a huge number of courses and these are some of the best in the world.One of the main attractions of courses is the fact that you can play with magnificent ocean views right next you. This is truly something that you don't get to experience everyday. I was lucky enough to play golf at Puna Sur, which is also the first golf course built in the area. Here you can experience the finest nine hole course you are likely to see with breathtaking views of Sea of Cortez and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. Other good courses includes El Dorado Golf Course, Diamante Cabo San Lucas and Club Campestre San Jose. Wherever you are, there is a golf course for you. All you need to do is go looking.

                                                          Have you been to Los Cabos before?


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