Tips on how to stay healthy when travelling

There's nothing worse than feeling a knot in your stomach after eating something you know you probably shouldn't have abroad. You're out of your comfort zone, in a country you don't really know and you don't have all your usual medical supplies, it is every traveler's worst nightmare. As someone who suffers from a stomach condition and has quite a few allergies and intolerances, there has been several times that I have felt worse for wear on my travels - there was one time I accidentally ate Calamari when I'm allergic to squid just before flying back home and I spent most of my time at the airport clinging to a toilet seat looking like a lobster until my antihistamines kicked in - it wasn't my finest moment. In a country that is you're not own, surrounded by food that you don't usually eat, it is very easy to fall ill. In fact according to a survey in 2013, six out of ten of us get ill abroad every single year. To ensure your holiday is as healthy as it can be, I've put together a few tips that I have picked up on how to stay in tip top shape when travelling.

Research the area before you go

Before you travel anywhere abroad, always research the area to find out what you should avoid, whether you need any vaccinations and to find out tips from travellers who have already been there. Some areas may be better for cleanliness than others and so places may be better to eat at if you suffer from upset stomachs.

Take your own medical kit

It is always best to be prepared for every eventual outcome when you are somewhere you are not familiar with. Travel medical kits should always include basic painkillers, aspirin, antihistamines (in case you find out you are allergic to some food you have only just tried),  basic first aid supplies and of course rehydration sachets if you do come down with the dreaded stomach bug.

Be aware of what you eat and drink

Always be cautious of what you eat and drink while abroad. Look for restaurants that are popular with the locals as they will always be busy and the food is more likely to be fresh and read up on how safe the water is to drink, if in doubt, always drink bottled water. Avoid uncooked food as these are more likely to give you stomach bugs and always make sure fruit is thoroughly washed.

Make sure you have your medical insurance

Always travel with medical insurance, even if you are flying somewhere short distance. You never know when something could happen. Also, make sure you read through the terms and conditions of your travel insurance to see what holiday sickness compensation you would be entitled to if you did fall ill. Some policies exclude certain illnesses if you already have medical issues and some insurances don't cover you for accidents if you take part in certain extreme watersports.

What are your tips to staying healthy when travelling?

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  1. I was planning a trip with my friends when i came across your blog and saw so many amazing tips! They really came in handy, thank you so much for your help!


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