Affordable May Bank Holiday Ideas

Another month is almost over and spring bank holiday is almost upon us. If you have been caught off guard by how fast this month has flown by and haven't got any plans for bank holiday yet, hopefully my affordable bank holiday tips will give you some ideas. Bank holiday can be an expensive affair if you haven't planned for it - it's three days where we tend to let all inhibitions go out of the window and tend to say 'it's bank holiday, why not?' This then leads to three days of expensive trips, days of shopping or general spontaneity. There's nothing wrong with being spontaneous, but if you plan ahead and create yourself an ideal bank holiday itinerary, you're less likely to do any impulsive spending.

Go for a picnic

If the weather is bright and sunny, why not head to your local park or place of interest and have a picnic? Picnics are a great way of enjoying the great outdoors and enjoying some of your own tasty treats, as well as being a lot cheaper than heading to a pub or restaurant. If you're heading out with friends consider taking some chilled prosecco and strawberries for an upmarket affair. If you don't have anywhere local to have a picnic, why not look at setting one up in your garden? You can make it an intimate meal between you and your partner or invite some friends along to listen to some music.

Take a long walk

Bank holidays are a great time for going on long walks with the family, friends and your four legged furry friends if applicable. You have two days either side to recover if you fancy taking a long hike and with England having so many beautiful landscapes for you to explore, you are simply spoilt for choice. Struggling to find somewhere to walk? Head to your local tourist information or look at websites such as Walkiees which is dedicated to free dog walking hotspots around the UK,

Visit your local museums/ art galleries

If you would rather spend your days indoors and you prefer spending your day absorbing some culture or learning about history, check out your local museums or art galleries. Many art galleries across the UK are free to enter and local museums can be considerably cheaper than bigger tourist attractions and they will really appreciate the visitors.

Go to a car boot sale

Car boot sales may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like grabbing a bargain and looking for some hidden treasures, the best time to head to a car boot sale is over a bank holiday weekend. You'll get more for your money than hitting the high street and you can make it fun by challenging each other to find the best bargain.

What do you like doing over the bank holiday?



  1. I love a good car boot sale! Looking forward to a weekend in Dublin this bank holiday so a little more exciting than I would normally do, hope you have a fab one x

  2. These are great ideas! Nothing like going for a walk on a long weekend!

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