Would you choose a holiday based on its 'instagramability'?

Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media on the internet and every day it gives thousands of people varying degrees of food envy and wanderlust via beautifully curated photo themes. These pictures evoke a sense of escapism to those dreaming of exotic holidays, but how much does Instagram influence our daily lives? Well, according to new research by Schofields Insurance two fifths of millennials will pick a holiday destination based on how it will look on their Insta. The research has been so highly debated that it has been on all the national newspapers and as it is something that I can personally relate to, I thought I would give it a mention.

I will happily admit that I'm within those two-fifths of people that will choose a holiday based on its 'Instagramability'. I like going places that will leave a long lasting impression in my mind and help me curate wonderful memories. Instagram to me is a visual diary of my life and I enjoy looking back at my feed from time to time and I want it to look good. When it comes to booking a holiday I always look for places that are either visually attractive or have something quirky about them. I want more than a white-washed basic hotel room and I like capturing unique places that some of my followers or friends may not have seen.

Do I do this for the Instagram popularity? I would be lying if part of me didn't want to show off - there's a part of everyone who wants to look good in front of their peers, but I mainly do this for myself. I had a rather bad experience staying at a budget hotel in the past and since then I have usually opted for more premium places and these places generally do look better on Instagram.

Although Instagramability is a strong deciding factor of my holidays, it is not the only thing I take into consideration. First and foremost it is about what I can get out of the location - what I will learn and what I will take from the holiday, cost is also a consideration and finally it is about the culture and how much I would enjoy myself.

There is nothing wrong with Instagram being an influence in your holiday planning, but like everything in life, it should be done in moderation. If you are an Insta-addict like myself, always find the balance - don't let it consume your holiday and remember life is too short to spend all your time hiding behind the camera, at least for a few hours of each day to try and live for the moment.


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