How to keep your hair healthy this Spring

Spring is a difficult time for your hair as the weather is constantly changing from hot to cold, windy to wet and then suddenly beaming with sunshine. Warm weather can strip the hair of its moisture and leave it dry and frizzy, while cold, windy weather can cause tangles - especially in long hair that break the hair cuticles leading to increased hair loss and split ends. Looking after your hair all year round is imperative to keeping your hair in tip top condition and in months where the weather can be the most volatile, it is really important to up your game. To help you keep your hair in the best condition possible this spring I have put together a few of my top tips.

Get regular haircuts

Going to the hairdressers regularly can be an expensive affair and it is something that many of us avoid, but visiting the hairdresser can help you keep your split ends at bay, promote hair growth and get your hair into a good enough condition so you can manage it effectively at home.

Invest in quality haircare

One thing I learnt while studying hairdressing is the importance of investing in quality haircare. Cheap haircare can strip colour, cause dryness by stripping your hairs natural oil levels and increase your hairs tendency to frizz. While hairdressing standard haircare can be on the pricier side, you are actually paying for a more concentrated product that will last longer and improve your hairs appearance. You can tell the difference between a good and poor quality shampoo by how quickly it lathers up. Shampoo that lathers up quickly is a diluted product - it is mixed which water to make you go through it faster and give the illusion of squeaky clean hair, whereas concentrated shampoo will give you a deeper wash and will only lather up on the second rinse.

The Harley Street Hair Clinic which is renowned for its pioneering techniques in hair transplantation recently sent me a hamper of luxury hair products to trial. The hamper included luxury haircare brands such Balmain, Leonor Greyl and Iles Formula. The Iles Formula is a high performance paraben free shampoo for all high types with handpicked ingredients including Vegetal root juices from the Amazon forest and B5 Pantothenic Acid to restore split ends. This product left my hair feeling deeply cleansed, bouncy and full of life. It also kept my hair cleaner for a lot longer than my usual products. At £30 for 200ml it isn't the cheapest of products, but you are paying for a product that will ensure your hair stays healthy and good hair health is worth the expense. Second in my hamper was the Leonor Greyl Volumising Shampoo, but I wasn't overly keen on this product as it had a really strong medicinal scent. The final product was the Balmain conditioner which was a lovely treat for my coloured damaged hair. Balmain's conditioner left my hair feeling silky, soft and reduced the level of frizz that I usually get from my other products. The conditioner itself was also really light and not too heavily perfumed. At £25 it is still on the pricey side for some people, but I would definitely buy this again.

Limit heat styling

My third tip is to limit heat styling where possible to allow your hair to recuperate from the damage. I used to use my hair straighteners every single day a few years ago and although I used good quality hair tools, my hair felt fried and it lost its shine. I now blow-dry my hair straight where possible and try to resist temptation to pick up my hair straighteners on a daily basis. Since dramatically cutting down my usage, my hair is really strong and healthy and looks in great condition too.

Conditioning treatments

Finally, always remember to give your hair regular conditioning treatments to restore hair health and add shine. Conditioning treatments can be anything from applying a little bit more of your usual conditioner and leaving it on an extra ten minutes in the bath or buying a separate conditioner and leaving it on for 20 minutes - just do what is best for you in the time you have. Regular conditioning treatments help smooth the cuticles, add much needed moisture to your hair and it helps promote elasticity.

What are you haircare tips?



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