Why weekend breaks are good for your well-being

It is so easy after a long hard week of work to switch off at the weekend and spend two days lounging in front of the sofa, but sometimes rather than sleep, what your body is craving is some fresh air, adventure and something positive to give yourself an energy boost. Going away for two days, ten days or even just an afternoon can work wonders on your wellbeing. For a start, it gives you something to look forward to which always makes tiresome situations a lot easier to handle and when you finally take your break, seeing and experiencing new things and places can give you a different perspective on life. I always try to have at least one weekend a month where I go somewhere new or do something a little bit different, whether is for a few hours or 24 hours and here's why you should do too.

Break in the routine

We all have our own routines throughout the week from food shopping on a specific day to going to the gym and even taking a little shopping break, but sometimes it does our bodies good to deviate from those routines. It breaks the monotony of life and adds a zest spontaneity that gives our bodies a much needed adrenaline boost.

Get into shape

Whether you love it or hate it, exercise is good for us - not just physically, but mentally too. Exercising can release endorphins which helps with our positivity. Have you ever noticed that when you discover somewhere new that your step count is through the roof? Going to new places doesn't seem like exercise, but after you have been walking around all day those steps soon add up.

Digital Detox

Although there's a chance that you will be glued to Instagram taking snapshots of all the things you come across when taking a break,  you will probably using a lot less technology while out and about compared to being at home. If at all possible, turn off your phone for a few hours and take in time to absorb your new surroundings.  Having a digital detox is good for your wellbeing because it allows you to escape everything that is going on back home and truly focus on yourself.

'You' time

We live in a world where sometimes it's hard to say no and it makes us feel everyone wants a piece of us from colleagues and after work drinks, to friends and meeting up for lunch. Sometimes it's okay to be selfish and say 'I need some me time.' Go away for a short while and boost your energy so that when you return, things won't seem like as much of a chore. Going away is also great for couples that need 'couple time', especially in relationships where you both work different hours and have contrasting schedules.

Make positive memories

Going away for a weekend with the ones you love will help you create a plethora of positive memories that each of you can look back on and smile about.  It will give you stories to share, experiences to laugh about and strengthen relationships between the ones that mean the most to you. Having something special to think about like that when you're feeling stressed or down is a great distraction and can also motivate you through certain situations.

Do you find that travelling boosts your well-being?



  1. We have just booked a short break to london -even just booking it has improved things. It gives us something to look forward to.
    A break is always a good thing - a change of scenary and something to enliven the mind

  2. It is definitely a good idea to get away from the everyday routine and have fun. Loved this!

  3. I really want a weekend break to myself! I'm tempted to just book one, get lost in the countryside somewhere and completely have a phone detox. I think it will do my mental health the world of good. Danielle || Miss Danielle

  4. I tend to take the kids so it is pretty stressful but if I was to go away without them it would be very restful and probably do me the world of good.

  5. I totally agree. I love weekend breaks. Although now I have a baby I'm not sure how beneficial they will be!

  6. Weekend breaks are my favourites, it's so nice to take some time to relax and explore a new place! xo

  7. I absolutely agree! I think I'd have been a quivering wreck by early march this year if not for a couple of weekend getaways that helped keep me sane!

  8. Totally agree - a break from the routine can really boost your state-of-mind and overall well-being. I usually start planning a trip as soon as one trip ends so that I always have something to look forward to.

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