The Importance of Printing Photos

Our generation relies very heavily on the use of the internet, social media and technology to store our photographs, but what would happen if you woke up one day and all the memories that you had created were gone? My wake up call happened just before Christmas when my beloved MacBook of six years suddenly switched off, never to be awoken again. I lost everything on that computer, including thousands of photographs that I had stupidly not backed up. This included photos of some of the best holidays I have had with my husband and memories of my trip to Thailand.  Thankfully,  I was able to retrieve some of my photography from the hard drive weeks later, but what if I hadn't have been so lucky? Years of memories would have been wiped out within the space of five minutes and I would have been left with no evidence that any of the amazing experiences happened.

One way of ensuring that all your memories are not lost is to print all your photographs and frame them around the house or keep them in photo albums. It is great to have visual evidence of all your hard work or best memories and getting your photographs printed will mean that you will have that reminder for the rest of your life, even if something happened to your technology or if by 2070 social media suddenly dies out (I know that is very unlikely, but you have to prepare for every scenario).

To help me on my mission to print more of my travel photography, Epson sent me their new Epson XP-960 Expression Photo printer to try out. The Epson XP-960 is a compact all-in-one printer for all your photography and personal printing needs and costs £249.99. It can print photographs of any size up to A3 and is wireless so you can print from your laptop or your phone hassle free. I have been incredibly impressed with the level of detail on all my photographs and for someone who is a technophobe, I found this  printer really easy to use. I even printed some photographs out for my family and friends who were as equally impressed. The only downfall with these printers is that ink is rather expensive (approximately £10 per cartridge), but if you are serious about photography and print quite a lot of photographs, I'm sure it would work out less than getting it done by the professionals each time and it does print professional quality imagery. 

Do you print out your photos?



  1. I love printed photos! I have a travel scrapbook, which I fill with my favourite snaps from my adventures. I unfortunately don't have a printer myself, but would love one like this!

  2. I always print photos - they are memories after all! I have s Polaroid camera just for this purpose too X

  3. This post reminds me that I have totally been slacking.. I don't think I've printed pictures in the last decade. It looks like a great printer.

  4. I can't remember the last time I printed any photos. I didn't even print those from our wedding.

  5. I love printing photos so I can scrapbook and make photo albums. Another thing I do is save my photos to a disc and put it in a fire proof safe as well. Lots of backup is important when it comes to memories!

  6. I really need one of these, I tend to use printing services, but this looks fantastic.

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