The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Dry January

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Dry January is a tradition amongst those in that UK that sprung up in 2014 following an advertising campaign by Alcohol Concern highlighting the effects of drinking too much booze. In its first month over 17,000 Brits stopped drinking and every year since, Dry January has been growing in popularity.
January is the perfect month for giving up alcohol as many people have over-drank and over spend during Christmas and are looking to save up, but for many the thought of giving up their favourite tipple for as long as thirty days is a daunting prospect.

I rarely drink alcohol due to my medication and having gone almost two years with less alcohol than I can count on my toes and fingers I have realised how I feel having given it up (apart from the odd tipple). These days I'm more than content watching my friends having a glass or two knowing that I can mock their hangovers in the morning and I'm also rather happy knowing that I'm a cheap date andI can spend less than a tenner on a night out.

Not drinking alcohol for so long has led me to browse the supermarkets for alcohol alternatives when I have social occasions and I have been surprised by how many great non-alcoholic 'wines' and drinks there are on the market. For those struggling to really craving alcohol or something they can drink and still look sophisticated when having friends over, here's a few of my zero alcohol favourites.

Eisburg Wines
Eisburg wines are made using traditional wine making techniques but the alcohol is removed during the process making them taste exactly like wine. There's white, rose and red wines to choose from and they are only £5 per bottle. I often give these out to my friends who are driving when we have house parties and everyone has been impressed. 

Rochester Mulled Punch

Who says mulled punch is only for Christmas? With the weather in Britain currently plummeting why not treat yourself to someone warm that tastes exactly like mulled wine minus the alcohol. This can be purchased online or bought from Holland & Barrett's all year round.

Salisbury's Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine
If you love proseccco and can't bear to spend a month without supping bubbles, Sainsbury's alcohol free Sparkling Wine is a good alternative. Add some  blackcurrant syrup to make your own alcohol free Kir Royal or orange juice for a cheeky, guilt free Bucks Fizz.

Most alcoholic drinks can be made into cocktails and there's plenty of recipes online for you to choose from. If you're having a night out, don't be afraid to ask a bartender if one of your favourite cocktails can be made alcohol free as most well trained bar staff can create something for you.

What are your favourite alcohol free drinks?



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