The Hedonist Project Launches the Winter Mountain Lodge

If you're looking for an escape from the cold, dark and damp weather of Leeds and dream of being whisked away to a cosy ski lodge complete with crackling fire, The Hedonist Project on lower Briggate has a solution for you. In collaboration with Bicardi, Bombay Sapphire and Jack Daniels, the Hedonist Project have chosen a Winter Mountain Lodge theme as this quarters concept bar, ahead of the Christmas markets coming to town. For those unfamiliar with the Hedonist Project, the Hedonist project is a pop up bar that changes their theme every few months to bring a new and exciting bar experience to Leeds. The last few have included Trader Dan's pop up rum shack and one in the Spring themed around Gin.

The Hedonist Project's Winter Mountain lodge comes complete with small burning log fires and wooden panel walls to give an alpine mountain aesthetic as well as wall mounted skis to give the illusion of Chalet life and alpine plants and rose gold finishing for added luxe. The Hedonist project's Winter Mountain Lodge is the perfect place for office workers and commuters (due to the close proximity of the station) looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle city life and those looking looking to wind down at the end of the day in a cosy, intimate bar and have cocktails with friends.

The Winter Mountain Lodge's menu features an array of winter punches, festive cocktails made from Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniels and Bicardi as well as a selection of mulled wines and for the foodies out there, there's continental  meat and cheeseboards served daily and Swiss-style toasties readily available midweek. My favourite cocktail was the Black Run Reviver with the main ingredient being Jack Daniels honey, it has the aroma of Christmas and tasted of warming cinnamon and orange flavours. The other cocktail I had the pleasure of sampling was the notorious wizardry concoction ' The Grindelwald' which is not for the faint hearted - it was a very strong, intense flavour.

If you're looking for somewhere unique to visit in Leeds, the Hedonist Project is the place to be - just hurry quick before it changes.

Have you been to The Hedonist Project before?



  1. Festive cocktails and mulled wine sound perfect. I heard about The Hedonist, but I have yet to try it.

  2. I love Gluwein and festive cocktails - I quite fancy a trip up to Leeds just to visit.

  3. This looks absolutely awesome, I'd love to visit. I dont think I've ever been to Leeds , I'll have to make a weekend out of it .

  4. oh wow this place looks and sounds amazing. I live an hour from Leeds.

  5. The cocktails look great, I love that they change the theme - keeps it looking different and interesting.

  6. It looks so festive, and as I'm addicted to Mulled Wine I think it is brilliant!

  7. I was pregnant this time last year and so I missed out on all the lovely festive cocktails. This looks like a fab place to make up for it this year 😀


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