Reasons to Love Food Festivals

Food festivals are popular all around the globe and have been going for years, but this last year I've been to more food festivals than ever before. The rising trend of young people travelling and expanding their culinary tastes, as well as the vast interest in independent brands and locally sourced produce means that there's more of a market for food festivals and brands are coining in on the action. Consumers are looking for the next boutique brand they can share with their friends or to try new cuisines which help give them the escapism from their everyday lives. As a foodie myself, I'm obsessed with food festivals, it's one of my favourite things to do on a weekend and I'm always on the lookout for new ones. Today I've teamed up with Advanced Diesel Engineering company ADE who are the suppliers of diesel generators across the UK which power up food festival trucks to give you a few reasons why you should become a food connoisseur and spend your weekends visiting food festivals like me.

New Cuisines

Food festivals enable your taste buds to travel the world without catching a plane as there's always different cuisines to try. Popular food at festivals includes Greek Gyros, Malaysian dishes, Indian food, Thai food and that's to name but a few. If you're looking to expand your culinary horizon, food festivals are a great place to start.

Local Brands

Local brands feature heavily at food festivals as it's a great way for them to showcase their products and gain vital market research. This often consists of mini stalls where you can sample the food, talk to the people behind the company and also buy some products to take home. Some of the best brands I have discovered, I found at food festivals.

Food Demonstrations

If you think that your cooking could do with a pick me up and you're looking to learn something different, food festivals are a great place to visit as they often have cooking demonstrations. Depending on the size of the festival these can be anything from celebrity chefs to the owners of some of your favourite local restaurants.

Food Samples

One of the best things about food festivals is going round all the stalls and sampling all the food and taking advantage of all the promotional offers in the form of coupons or money off vouchers at restaurants. It's a great way of trying new food and supporting the local community.

It's fun for all the family

With food festivals being so big and having lots of variety, it's almost certain to be fun for the all the family. There's traditional dishes for those who don't like experimenting, independent brands for the those looking for the next best thing, authentic food from around the world for the globe trotters and at most festivals there's usually some form of children's entertainment to keep the little ones entertained while the adults make the most of the bar.

What do you love about food festivals?

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  1. I love visiting food festivals. Street food is just my thing and there's usually lots of authentic dishes available there.

  2. I think I don't need to be convinced! In food festivals, there is "food" and that does all the job ahah! I looooove food and discovering new traditional food (like Yorkshire pudding when I first came to England).

    Mika |

  3. Oh wow this look amazing! Get those yorkshire puddings in my belly now!

  4. I went to a food festival earlier this year and we had fine dining from a hotel school which was a fab way of eating beautifully on a budget.

  5. I have always wanted to go to a food festival - yum yum!

  6. Food samples and food innovations would be my top reasons to attend a food festival.

  7. A gyros is one of my favoruite foods and like you I do love a good food festival x

  8. My favourite part has got to be the samples! I don't like buying food to try it when it should be the other way round! Give me some cheese to try and I'll probably buy a whole lot!

  9. I'm a big foodie!!! I love it!!! You don't beed to convince me to check out a food festival I'd be camping the night to be the first one in! Hahaha

  10. I really wish I had more time to visit food festivals - they are so me! Such a brilliant way to try new cuisines and find new tastes.

  11. Food festivals are great! It's a great way to try different foods

  12. We love going to food festivals and always end up coming home with masses of goodies!

  13. Oh what fun!!! anything that involves food gets me excited ;-)

  14. Ooh I love a food festival! Nice to try new foods and have a few drinks.

  15. I LOVE food festivals! My only problem is that I have zero self-control so I end up gaining 3 stone in a day!

    Claudia xx


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