Walking the Streets of Dublin

Dublin is one of my favourite places to visit and so far I haven't found another city quite like it. It is really unique. As soon as you enter the city there's a warm atmosphere, the streets are bustling with tourists from around the world and there's a joyful sound of Irish folk music on every street corner. Last week I went back to Dublin for the second time with my husband to celebrate his birthday and today I've teamed up with Panasonic to celebrate the launch of the 30 FPS 4K Camara Panasonic to show you a few of my favourite photographs that I took during my trip.

Dublin is a very photogenic city and there's so many great sights to capture, I rarely had my camera out of my hands. The river Liffey is one of my favourite places to take photographs as it has several iconic bridges such as Ha'penny bridge, there's plenty of wildlife and the buildings surrounding the river are really colourful and have plenty of character.

If you're a fan of street art, there's plenty to see in Dublin, mainly in the Temple Bar area. This is a piece of street art on the side of the Blooms hotel depicting one of the most famous irish authors James Joyce famed for writing the novel Ulysses. Along the embankment near the river there's also plenty more buildings to see decorated with street art.

Across the river on lower O'Connell Street is one of the most popular donut eateries in Dublin, The Rolling Donut. The Rolling Donut attracts hundreds of tourists each day all eager to try their unique donut creations and grab a cheeky Instagram shot. These are the best donuts I have tried - they are incredibly flavoursome and not too oily. If you think Krispy Kreme are the 'bees knees' they have nothing on The Rolling Donut.

If you love strolling around cities looking at beautiful buildings, you will love the architecture in Dublin. A lot of the buildings in Dublin are steeped in history and many of them are from the Georgian era with the original glass windows. There's also two picturesque cathedrals which you can go in and St Patricks has a wonderful well kept garden with fountains and bright flowerbeds.

During my trip to Dublin I took hundreds of photos and these are just a few of my favourites. I heartily recommend taking a trip to this charming Irish city and discovering these sights for yourself. 

Have you been to Dublin before?



  1. Oh how beautiful! You've made me long to return to Dublin, where I have spent many a happy holiday. It is a real gem of a city.

  2. That donut looks amazing! Gorgeous photo's, I love Dublin x

  3. Dublin is on my (long) list of places I wish to visit and this post has confirmed its status on the list, as you are right, it is one photogenic place. Loving the street art and is there is Instagram-worthy donuts that are better than Krispy Kreme...? It's time to plan a visit stat! Hope your husband had a great birthday trip too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  4. Dublin looks like a beautiful city. I've always wanted to visit as I have a friend from there and she's always singing its praises

  5. Gosh! What a beautiful city Dublin is! I'd love to visit and yes it IS very photogenic :) The Rolling donut sounds great - looks yummy too! :D xx

  6. Wow you took some beautiful pictures, my favourite is the first one with the locks :) x

  7. I've wanted to go to Dublin for so long. It looks very beautiful and great that you caught such shots with no rain :)

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