5 Reasons to visit a Spa

There's nothing I love more than going on a spa break. The thought of stripping off into a fluffy white robe and slippers, sipping detox juices and listening to calming acoustic music relaxes me. I love swimming in fresh non-chlorinated pools, pretending to be in a hotter climate by visiting the steam rooms and saunas and having someone give me a massage while I sneakily drift off to sleep with cucumbers on my eyes. If you haven't been to a spa break before and you're looking for a weekend escape that isn't a city break, here's my five reasons why you should visit a spa.


These days we live in a fast paced world where many of us work ridiculous hours, often having multiple jobs that stretch way beyond the 9-5 working hours. Sometimes we all just need a few days where we switch off from our busy lives and just relax. Spas are a great place for relaxation as soon as you enter you are greeted with calming music and the smell of fresh scented candles, you can choose to spend your day as you wish with no schedule - whether you opt for a treatment or simply chill by the pool and many spas have 'relaxation zones' where you park yourself in a bean bag all day in nothing but a fluffy robe and a pair of slippers and you can catch up on all your favourite books and magazines.

Digital Detox

Spas are a great place to go for a digital detox as firstly many of the more luxurious spas are situated in the countryside where there's no mobile signal and secondly, if you can get signal on your phone, most places prohibit them anyway. For a day, a few hours or a weekend you can switch off from the social world and focus on what really matters - your well being. 

Spend time with your friends or partner

Many spa breaks offer deals if you take your partner or your friends, so it's a great excuse for you all to get together in an environment where you can talk to each other without being distracted by the loud noise of a pub, your mobile phones or the television. You can sit back in the pool and really spend some quality time together.


Leading a busy life leads to strain on our bodies from aching joints from walking around all day to stiff necks and backs from sitting at a desk for seven hours, stress from work can also put a strain on our mental health. There are many treatments at spas that can help with many of those problems and also help you relax which can help reduce stress.


Spas usually have tranquil settings that are purposely designed to mentally whisk us away to somewhere exotic and stress-free. Spas are a great way of escaping everyday life and spending a few hours dreaming of your idea of paradise.

If my five reasons to visit a spa have convinced you to make a booking, here's just a few of my recommendations of what you should take with you. When visiting a spa you're usually handed complimentary wardrobes, towels and slippers, but it always helps to bring a pair of flip flops like these ones from New Look with you for near the pool. One thing I always forget to bring with me to a spa is gymwear. A lot of spas have gym areas and classes and also an array of activities that you would need alternative clothing for. These Sweaty Betty leggings and the 'Believe Achieve' top for New Look are definitely going in my bag for my next visit. And finally, don't forget to bring your swimsuit if your spa has a pool. I love this Wolf and Whistle swimsuit from Simply Be swimwear  range as the pattern is really striking and tropical and it has a really flattering design.

 Have you been to a spa before?



  1. Totally agree!
    I usually go to spa for beauty treatments -- waxing, massage, eyebrow, pedicure, etc.
    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  2. I love a good spa visit for some serious R+R and gorgeous scenery. There's an article I found that features some stunning spas all around the world - http://seoula.co/wellnessspa

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  4. Appreciate you sharing, great post.


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