July My Little Box UK

Subscription boxes have come a long way in the last few years. I remember when I first discovered the GlossyBox and there was nothing like it back then in the UK. Now there's a subscription box for pretty much everything from lifestyle boxes to food boxes, alcohol boxes to even subscription boxes for your pets. My Little Box is a subscription box that I have heard many bloggers raving about over the last few months and after seeing all the pretty Instagram images of everyone receiving their monthly treats, last month I took the plunge and took out a subscription for myself.

My Little Box is a Parisian style subscription box that delivers a bundle of surprise fashion, beauty and lifestyle items to your door each month. The box each month is themed and costs around £15, which can be cancelled at any time.

The July My Little Box is a summer box themed around coconuts. The box came with a beautiful tasselled bracelet, a funky passport cover, coconut scented after sun lotion, some Yves Rocher Coconut spray (which is so amazing that I haven't stopped using it since it arrived and I left it in my handbag while taking these photos), a coconut scented handwash, Ojon coconut oil and some My Little Box coconut aftersun lotion.

My favourite item in this months box is the Stella & Dot bracelet. It's always nice to have something different to makeup in one of these monthly boxes and this bracelet is incredibly versatile and will go with most things in my wardrobe. I've worn this a few times since my box arrived and it fits on my wrist effortlessly and feels really comfortable to wear. On par with the bracelet is the Yves Rocher Eau de Toilette Coconut spray, which I haven't stopped using since it arrived. The spray leaves your skin feeling soft and milky and the scent is irresistible. I can already see myself repurchasing this.

Another item I really loved is the My Little Box passport cover. The cover is fun, quirky and original and I can see myself using this quite regularly. Yet again it was nice to see something a little bit different in a subscription box and I love how this fitted in with the theme of travel, summer and coconuts. Other items which came with this box were a coconut handwash, a coconut oil and an aftersun lotion. The handwash fits nicely in my handbag and also smells really great, I have used this several times since it arrived, but haven't yet used the aftersun or coconut oil.

Overall I was really impressed with this box and it is fast becoming the best lifestyle subscription package that I have purchased. If you're looking for something that offers unique items, great quality beauty products and Instagrammable boxes, the My Little Box is something you should consider.

Have you subscribed to the My Little Box?



  1. Ooh I've never heard of this before and im always on the lookout for new sub boxes. Coconut is one of my all time fave scents and love the additional items too!

    Amanda. Amandabootes.co.uk

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  3. Subscription boxes can be super exciting! That bracelet is so so cute!

  4. I used to get these but cancelled as I was just amassing to much stuff - I do miss them though and this looks like a great box! x

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