Fibre & Hide Clutch - My New Travel Companion

Finding a decent size clutch that not only has a lot of space, but also looks stylish can be very hard to come by and if you're packing hand luggage for a quick weekend away, size is everything. I admit, I'm one of those people that tends to hoard items in their handbags - the last time I cleaned one of my handbags out I found three full sized perfume bottles and 10 lipsticks, so tiny clutch bags and I don't get along. When it comes to clutch bags, I need something that will fit more than a just a credit card.

Fibre and Hide is a UK based design studio founded by award winning textile designer Geri Copsey. Each item is delicately woven by Geri in her Yorkshire-based studio using yarns which are dyed in the UK and spun from natural fibres for a more sustainable, economical product. The studio specialises in designer clutches and purses and I was kindly asked a few weeks ago if I would like one. As I love championing British products and local designers, I was eager to try one of Geri's designs and from the moment it arrived, neatly wrapped in the Fibre and Hide luxury handmade packaging, it was love at first sight.

The clutch I received was the large Leyburn hand woven clutch bag with leather back which retails at £130.00. The moss green, cream and navy geometric fabric has been handcrafted with perfection to give a versatile and timeless design, perfect for any occasion from leaving the office to after work events. The Leyburn clutch has an ample amount of space perfect for housing all your night essentials such as makeup, a decent sized purse, a phone and even a small bottle of perfume. The streamline envelope style of this particular clutch makes it perfect for taking away on holiday as it takes up very little room in your suitcase. Overall, it's a perfect all rounder and a great accessory for all year through. As someone who isn't usually a fan of clutch bags, this one may have converted me.

Do you often struggle to find a decent size clutch bag?



  1. I love this clutch! It'd be perfect for my tablet when I'm on my travels later this year!

  2. Benefit has the cutest packaging ever. The clutch is super cute!

    xo Azu

  3. oooh lovely, the print reminds me of Welsh wool a little. Very nice.

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